How to get baby to eat finger foods (and/or table foods)?

  • What are some ideas for getting baby to eat finger foods?  My baby is just over 9 months old and is eating just fine on baby foods, but the pediatrician said it was time to start him on finger foods and table foods.  The problem is, he is just not interested.  I have tried cheerios and small melon cubes, but he has trouble picking them up.  When he does finally pick them up, he doesn’t get them near his mouth (mostly he doesn’t even try - he just drops them).   If I try to put one in his mouth, he turns away or tries to spit it out.  He is not receptive to adult table foods either.  Also, he has no teeth yet.  I’m keen to get ideas from everyone on how to encourage him to self-feed, and I’d also like to know what are some popular finger foods (other than cheerios) for his stage?


  • This is one of those times when practice makes perfect. Just keep offering and he will get it in his own time. If he is developmentally on track and your doctor thinks he is fine, I would try not to worry about it too much.

    Have you tried larger finger foods like biter biscuits and zwieback toast? That might help him get the hang of putting food in his mouth without requiring so much fine motor skill.

  • Just keep offering them to him and eventually, he'll figure out what to do with it. By giving him the independence to choose when and where he explores this new territory will enable him to learn at his own pace.