Breastfeeding Obstacles & Scheduling Wonders

  • I have had issues with breast feeding too. I haven't figured out much for routine other than every 2-3 hrs but as far as breast milk formula just as much breast milk as I can. My daughter was born 2 weeks early because I had severe pregnancy induced hypertension. I can't make enough milk to breast feed exclusively yet. I still have high blood pressure and we had some difficulty with feedings since she had an owie on her head from fetal monitor, they gave her tylenol and she was too sleepy or in pain to eat then we gave formula. I have worked with lactation nurses a lot and they are extremely helpful. I still feed bottles and now am trying to feed with tube supplement attached to my nipple. She doesn't get so frustrated breast feeding with slow milk and it helps to increase my flow too.
  • Kudos to all of you continuing to bf even with having to supplement. I ebf(exclusively breastfeed) and am grateful we did not have any latching issues. As soon as she was born the nurse immediately put her on my breast to try and get her to nurse and I was shocked because unlike my 1st who I didn't get till about 1-2 hours later and then our bracelets didn't match so they immediately took her away till the problem(id bracelet) was resolved. I know the goal is to bond/nurse within 30 minutes provided mommy nor baby have any health issues/concerns going on. I was grateful for the similac breastfeeding pack from the hospital which contained 4 2 oz bottles of formula because I did have to go to the pharmacy when she was 3 days old so grandma gave her a bottle of which she drank 1 oz and that is all the formula she has received now at 5 mos and still ebf but you don't have to feel ashamed of giving/supplementing with formula. Yes we all know breast is best but just because I ebf I don't think I'm better than any other mom who opts for formula or supplementing. It's not like your giving your newborn/infants soda for nutrition. I did experience cracked/sore/bleeding nipples day 1 1/2 while still at the hospital when she went from not nursing to literally sucking for 3 hours till I called the nurse to get her and I was told to continue to nurse on that sore nipple when I thought I would get a break but the LC said I had to so I did as much pain as I was in with a blood filled blister and although then I didn't see myself continuing since it was so painful we made it through. Now she's trying to nurse just about every hour and at 16 pds I can't wait to start her on solids but another month to go as recommended by AAP for breastfed babies but she is definitely ready for food and I am ready for her to start eating as well. Some moms even wait 8 months and a few 12 months when ebf but I can't make it that long although when babies start eating solids they still get their primary nutrition from bm/formula. There is a great website that my pedi referred me to for breastfeeding and there are moms that supplement on the site as well, it's kellymom(s).com and I've found tons of great information both personal and supported. It's a great forum.

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    I agree that is a GREAT website.  It's run by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and corrects a lot of popular misinformation.