My baby throws his food

  • My boy is 15 months and he often throws his food from his high chair. It makes such a mess and he looks me right in the eye as he does it because he knows I have told him not to. I can tell that sometimes he just might be done with eating but he DOES know the baby sign for "all done". I don't want to give in and take him out of his chair when throws food or he will think that is how he signals that he wants out. Any suggestions?

  • My son is 20 months, and he does thgat when he is not interested in food on the high chair, when he is done with food, or when he is upset. He knows not to do it, but he will sometime do it anyway. I started to do time out when he does it on purpose. I am sure that you know when he does that on purpose :-) Sometimes my boy test me by lining up any remaining food on the edge of the table tray and dropping it piece by piece and see if he is going to get in trouble. Well, he sure gets in trouble by doing that. He is getting much better since we started to do time out, but that's just my way doing it. All my newphews and neices went through the same thing, and I guess it's very common to may kids :-) Let me know if you find any other way to stop as I don't want to use "time out" too much to him!

  • That's normal.  He's still fascinated with cause and effect.  Gravity is still a novelty to him.  He wants to know if you're going to pick up the food when he throws it. 

    Just gently tell him, "Put your food on the tray if you don't want it."  But don't expect him to do so.  Just be prepared to sweep up the food he throws down.

  • How frustrating! Unfortunately I can't think of any good suggestions other than offering smaller portions at a time since I never had that experience. :(