Mealtime Messes

  • Meal times can be so messy with babies learning to feed themselves. Not only do you have dishes to clean, but also the high chair, the floor, clothes, the baby and sometimes the cat! What are your favorite tricks for making mealtime clean up easier?

  • Buy a dog! No...just kidding, but when we had a dog, things were a lot easier to keep clean! I tried to only give my toddlers a small amount of food at a time..this way, they tended to eat rather than play with their food. When they started to throw food or drop it, then I told them that dinner time was over and I took them down. Luckily, this phase doesn't last forever.

  • It's certainly never easy, but planning ahead is a big plus. Our kids always liked pasta, but tomato sauce can be a nightmare. We would make rigatoni and leave the sauce on the side for the kids to dunk their pasta in the sauce. They liked it and it cut way down on the mess.

  • I echo MommyRN4 - I give my little guy small amounts of food. If I plop a big portion down on his tray, he plays with it rather than eats it. Also, I have dealt with him doing a lot of throwing with his food. My pediatrician recommended that I turn his high chair away from the table for about 20 seconds every time he does this. It makes him very upset to not be a part of the mealtime and he stops throwing his food. I was sort of skeptical but its been working pretty well!