where to find similac sensitive for spit up

  • Hi all -

    Any clue where I can find the Similac Sensitive for Spit Up?  Or how quickly it will be going back on the shelves?

    Thank you.

  • wal-mart

  • Wal-mart , also many county markets (grocery store) has it if you have one in your area. Also alot of the time if you ask your local grocery store manager they will order it for you.

  • Walmart, if your store doesn't have it, request they order it.

  • talked to abbot and local health department, not in production right now, the powder that is. Have to stick with ready to feed right now.

  • Talked to Abbot and it is back in production in powder form and was sent out to stores two weeks ago.  It is still hard to find in my area and  when found is sparse in quantity.  

  • they sell it at smiths as well as at walmart

  • Babies r us

  • I've seen it at Walgreen's also but it was only in the ready to feed.

  • i have seen it at target and safeway

  • Just saw it at Target today!

  • Walmart and HEB Stores.Yes

  • i got 40 bottles from CVS for 2$ each. They are on sale if you are still looking for it!