ready to feed formula and warming

  • My baby is 1 month old she has always been on room temp formula. my husband ordered the jug of ready to feed which we thought was gonna help us out alot but now the whole refrigerating it and then warming has us worried. my question is how to get the formula to room temp without having to use a bottle warmer? can i just pour the amount of refrigerated formula into her bottle and let it get room temp? or do we need  to put the bottle in warm water? if so how do i know it is warm enough and not too cold?

  • There are a few things you can do. I would not let your formula sit out at room temperature because of bacteria concerns. We have a bottle warmer, but before that we would either place the bottle in a pot of hot water, or pour the formula into a coffee cup and microwave for 10 seconds or so, but make sure you never microwave a plastic bottle. Always pour a drop or two of formula on your hand to make sure it is not too hot. If it feels hot on your hand, it is too hot for baby.

  • I supplement formula and pump breast milk so I keep it in the fridge too.  We like to put bottle in a cup of hot tap water to bring it to room temperature fast and then we don't have to worry about it getting too hot or having hot spots if you microwave it. It works great for us special at night when your tired, just keep the tap running into cup with bottle inside and it'll be warm quick.

  • OMG no you dont let it get to room temp, by than it will be bad. Warming the bottle helps the baby sleep and flls them up more and usually gives them a full night sleep. So dontb let a bottle sit out you are going to have to warm it up. As for ready to feeds you dont need to do anythig with them theyb are already prepared to open and use you never save them as soon as the baby is done eating you toss them right away.

  • You have gotten great advice here! Make sure to only warm up enough formula to feed, as after it is warmed you don't want to reuse it later. I generally put hot tap water in a container and put the bottle in there for a few minutes and this warms it perfectly for baby! -Jess
  • I simply take a coffee cup and heat it for 1 minute in the microwave with water in it. Then I take it out and put the bottle in the warm water in the cup. Wait a minute or two and it will be nice and warm for you! Like AnswerDad said, always test the temperature before giving it to your baby.