Breastfeeding problems

  • Does anyone have any advice on how to increase your milk production? I have a 8 month old and need to increase my milk supply to keep up with his demands when he does eat. I feed him in the afternoon when i get home from work, but that seems like it's not enough and he will not take formula as long as I'm around. Please give me all the advice you have on to increase milk production.

  • I would suggest lots of fluids, healthy diet, rest, and nursing him as much as possible. You can also pump after he nurses. Make sure you aren't taking estrogen containing birth control or any other medicines that can dry you up. Caffeine can also hurt supply. Your doctor and lactation consultant may also have some great ideas for you.

  • take very hot showers and stand with the hot water hitting your breast for at least 10 minutes on each one.  Also put hot compresses on them when you can it helped me produce lots of milk.  My doctor told me about it  and it worked. Also if you child is not allergic to milk try drinking more whole milk for the fat it also helps. the extra fat and vitamin d and calcuim  help keep you  up and healthier.

  • If you have a double electric breast pump...pump twice at work. I split my lunch break in two, half an hour at around 10 am and then another half hour at 2 ish.  Then nurse/pump as soon as you get home. 

  • I had to same problem I tried everything natral finaly I called my obgyn and she gave me a scrip. for metoclopramide and it worked I would call your obgyn

  • I used to pump after every time i nursed. Even if next to nothing came out. It was telling my body that i needed to produce more and it really worked.
  • Ahebert- That is a good idea. The more you stimulate-- the more you get.