Sippy Cups

  • If the doctor says your baby needs to be off the bottle at 12 months, obviously baby should feel pretty comfortable with a sippy cup before then. What do you do if your baby hates sippy cups? Is there a type of cup that seems to work best or are there techniques you use to help them get used to the cup before 12 months?

  • That's a tough one. Try to find the sippy cups that are sport sippers. They seem to have a longer spout that looks more like a bottle nipple. This may help make the transition between bottle and sippy cup.

  • I bought sippy cups with the soft spout that is supposed to be more like the feel of the bottle nipple for my son to start "trying" around 6 months..he mostly just banged it on the table and bit the spout for the first month or so. I then bought two other kinds of sippy cups: the Take & Toss ones and one with a straw that I can sqeeze at the bottom of the cup to help a little liquid come out to encourage him to suck on it.  He is almost nine months now and will suck from the soft spout and the Take & Toss cups, but does not get the concept of the straw. I just made sure to keep offering it to him over and over, let him play with the cup and experiment with how to get the liquid out himself. One of the first few times I gave him the cup, I even held him like I do when giving him a bottle, and got him to suck his formula out of the sippy cup so he would get the idea of how to use the spout.  Just keep trying. Also, if he's already one-year-old and won't take to a sippy cup, you can try using a small regular might be easier to make the transition to a regular cup and once he will drink from that (even if you're holding it, since I can assume it will be a big mess to let him hold it all by himself), then he might be more willing to try a sippy. 

  • When my son was about 6 to 7 months, me and my husband bought him several types of sippy cups, but he never liked any of them. What worked for him was to drink from a regular cup with a straw in it, the ones that bend. He is almost 3 now, and he still drinks from a cup with a straw.

    hopes this helps you. It is worth a try. It worked for us Smile




  • The only suggestion I have that others have not mentioned is that tt sometimes helps to have something tasty in the sippy cup. Good luck and keep us posted. -jess
  • my daughter only takes soft nipple sippy cups, she just turned a year old and i bought her first cup in november, i tried starting out with a smaller one with handles, the small NUK one worked great on her, but then after a few months i started laying her down at her afternoon nap offering her a cup till she started taking it, it was rough couple of days tryin to get her to adjust to using the cup. i dont want to sound mean but i would put her in bed and give her the cup but for a day or too she would fuss and fuss it worked out great she would always end up taking the cup after she figured out i would not give in to give her a bottle, now she just turned a year last week and she only gets one bottle at night she wont complain and she loves her cup, she now accepts all cups and does great with all of them. Good luck i hope this helps

  • It is actually a good idea to get them to drink from a regular cup.  You can start introducing them to a one at six months when you start other foods. 

  • I gave my first son (who is now 14 months) his first sippy cup not long after I stopped breastfeeding. He was around 4 and a half months ( i know it was early!) I gave him the 6 months learner cup and he took to it right away. I then moved him to the hard spout sippy cups (better for their teeth) around 7  months and he did great with that as well. You just have to look closely at the cups you buy because some of them let the liquid come out to fast. There are some cups that say 9 months plus that come out to fast for my 14 month old to use... so just inspect them closely. You pretty much just have to buy something and see if it works, if not try another one until you find something your child likes.

  • I'm currently loving the sippy cups with soft straws in them - my little guy loves to suck his water out with the straw and thinks its super entertaining. Loved reading about everyone else's suggestions! Good advice, ladies. :-)