similac ice packs

  • in the the bag that was given to me from the hospital, there were coupons, samples and two white ice packs from Similac.

    I loved my ice packs they were the best and stayed frozen longer then anything I have been able to find in stores. I have had to get rid of the two I had, because after 10 months of use they had gotten holes in them. Does anyone know where I may be able to get some more of these great Similac ice packs? I looked on the site and was unable to find them on their products page.


  • Have you tried buying a regular ice pack from a store?

  • My only ideas would be to maybe check at Babies R Us or do a search at the Abbott Nutrition Store online website.

  • I have already bought the ones that are for sale at Babies R Us and they don't stay frozen as long as the Similac ones do.

  • I did finally find them on the Abbott site, but it includeds the bag and I am not in need of yet another bottle bag.

  • Perhaps you could call the number on the website and talk to someone personally to see if they can make an individual sale of just the ice packs. Another idea would be to talk to other mothers you know who have had their babies in the hospitals and got Similac packs - maybe they don't need their ice packs. Good luck!

  • I bought ice packs from Target.  They are in the section with lunch bags and coolers.