Feeling supported

  • So, many of us have felt judged for the parenting decisions we made. However, what about the times that we've felt supported?  I don't know about anyone else, but I feel supported more often than I feel judged...even with people who disagree with my approach.  They agree with my right to make decisions that are best fro my family.

    I often find that I feel both judged AND supported about the same issue (i.e. some people criticize me for respoding to my daughters cries and some support me for not letting her cry it out.)

    Let's share our experiences with feeling supported!  Here is my biggest:

    Both my formula feeding and bottle feeding friends support my decision to breastfeed (and continue breastfeeding my 17-month old).  I also got support from an awesome lactation consultant, my sister-in-law (who was the 1st person I saw breastfeed up close), my sister (who doesn't even have kids), the daycare, random strangers who see me nursing in public, my boss at work, a local nonprofit that educates people about feeding and nutrition.

    Who has supported you...even when they didn't really agree with or understand your choices?

  • Is anybody feeling supported?!?  Confused

  • APmomma- I LOVE your optimistic outlook! I very much agree that not everyone is going to agree with everything you do or say! I've very much found this in my practice and accepting this fact has made the quality of my life so much better. I would like to challenge members to list 3 ways or times in which they have felt supported.... Go to town strong moms! -Jess
  • I feel supported by my mom, she tells me all the time that it is my decision of what I want to do when it comes to Kristina, she thinks that it is best to breastfeed and I agree with her, i have decided to breastfeed and not to bottle feed. Other people just says that it is my decision, and it is really good to have people there that care about you and give you strength to do what you feel is right. Smile

  • Great idea to turn things around to the positive side! I'm always a fan of that. :-) I would say that I felt supported by many people, both during my pregnancy and after. The most fabulous people in my life were my parents and in-laws. They all respected my decisions to breastfeed, lay my boy down swaddled, set my own routine with him, and most of all they supported me emotionally. I cannot tell you the number of times that I felt emotionally worn out and they picked me back up and kept me going. My son's pediatrician was also the most ENCOURAGING and WARM person I have ever met. He retired right after my son turned one - so disappointing! He was such a cheerleader for us and all the ways we tried so hard to keep our little boy healthy - I always left his office feeling great about motherhood. I miss him. :-/