Thank You Similac!!!

  • I just wanted to share my story on how I joined the "Similac Mom" Community. My husband and I decided that breastfeeding was what was best for our son, but it was sooooo hard for me. My son  had trouble latching on and when we came home from the hospital things just got worse. That night both my son and I were bawling and absolutly miserable. Finally my husband said that's it, I know its "what's best" but it's not worth the trouble. Unfortunatly we live in a small town where everything closes early and the closest 24 hour store is 45 minutes away, so a run to the store at 3 in the morning turns into an hour and a half trip, not something either of us wanted to do. And then I remembered that a few weeks before our son was born I had received some free samples of Similac in the mail. That free sample saved our night. My son was able to eat and we were able to get a little sleep. We've been a Similac family ever since. Thank you Similac !!!!

  • I love this story!  I'm so glad that you had those samples tucked away for an urgent situation.  :)  There is a point where food is medicine, no matter what form, when trying to get babies to gain weight, have energy to eat, maintain their temperatures, not get jaundiced, and let mom and dad get some rest-this was just that case!

    How are things going for you 3 now?  We would love an update.


  • I love it!! Even though I breastfed, I hung onto those samples I got and they came in handy several times in emergencies! I'm so glad you found what worked for you. Breastfeeding is wonderful BUT you should never feel guilty for being a wonderful, loving parent who bottle feeds. Bottle feeding is a perfectly legitimate way to give your baby the nutrition he needs. Your son is blessed to have you as a mother and know your love. Congrats!!

  • I had a somewhat similar situation. I had gotten a big container of Similac in the mail weeks before my daughter was born. I was breastfeeding, and everything was going great. She did such a good job with it. But when she was 3 weeks old, I ended up in the hospital with complications from the birth. Luckily my baby was fine, and I was too after a brief stay in the hospital. However, losing so much blood and becoming anemic from being sick, dried my breastmilk and i could no longer feed my little girl. :( But, similac has been very good to her and the $5 coupons in the mail have been a lifesaver!!! The liquid bottles are only $6, so I only pay $1 for a bottle!!!! Thanks!!!! :0)

  • you are certainly more than an amazing mother to have tried. And you were not the only one who had trouble. my son was born c-section after a long grueling laborious time in the hospital. We were in the hospital 6 days, and after two and a half days, they finally c-sectioned him out of me. By the time he was born, i was exhausted. On top of never having  had a surgery before, i was emotional, a mess, and couldn't handle trying to breast feed. After two unsuccessful days of trying to feed him via breast, i turned to formula. Thank god for the good formulas we have now. But i still get depressed that i don't breast feed. is this a feeling you feel as well? i certainly tried, but he wouldn't latch, and i was exhausted.

  • I really enjoyed your story. I was in that similar situation. I breastfed my baby for one week and then I put her on formula. That week of breastfeeding hurt so bad. I was so sensitive and I felt like a bad mom because I couldn't feed my baby. I had Similac ready to feed newborn bottles as plan B and thank God I had them. It was 3am and I told my husband get the formula. Thank you Similac and thank u ColbysMama for your wonderful story. God Bless
  • Great story! Congrats on your baby and I am glad that Similac was able to save the day (or night!)!

  • Yeah its a amazing story., i would like to thanks also to Similac i receive just now the coupon and sample its very helpful. thanks a lot special the baby loves the milk.

  • This is pretty much EXACTLY what happened to us, except we didn't have the samples on hand and the store didn't open 'tl 7am. I had to keep trying to feed, but my nips were torn up, I couldn't handle the pain (They had me using nipple shields to help w the latching, but never told me they cause the tissues to deteriorate...) I felt so bad b/c I knew our baby was quite literally starving... She ended up being jaundiced and had issues with going potty for about a week before things started getting back to normal.