• hi. im expecting my 2nd child in stepember. would like to breastfeed with this one. can anyone give me some help.

  • Hi!

    Welcome to StrongMoms - so glad you found us on here. If you go to the Feeding and Nutrition message threads, you will probably find some great resources regarding breastfeeding and mothers who have been there, done that. I would really encourage you to research your local childbirth/education resources and find a breastfeeding class. Going to this is really helpful and can get you ready to breastfeed successfully with your second child. Also, another resource is to look up your local Le Leche League chapter - type that name into Google and your city to find a meeting place. They provide great breastfeeding education and resources. Is there anything I can help you with in particular?? Write back and let me know!

  • Hi! I just wanted to welcome you to the boards. I agree with the advice that Julie gave you-that link has a lot of great questions an answers and support around feeding. Check it out and let us know if you have more questions. We area always happy to help! -jess
  • I agree...the Le Leche League is the best place to start. Also, check your local hospital...there are always breastfeeding classes from time to time. In addition, read through the breastfeeding questions here on our forum. My best advice to you would be to borrow someone's pump or rent a pump for the first month or two until you know that breastfeeding is well established and is going to work before buying an expensive pump. While breastfeeding is wonderful, there are situations when it doesn't work and you would hate to have an expensive breastfeeding pump that has only been used twice!

    Once your baby arrives, make sure the nurses at your hospital know that you are planning to breastfeed--then ask to be set up with a lactation consultant while you are in the hospital. They can help you put the baby on your breast and answer your questions. Make sure you take advantage of the breastfeeding nurses in the hospital while you are there...they are wonderful resources.