need help with brestfeeding

  • First of all, good luck with your pregnancy!  I am also 29 and I just had my 3rd child in January.  My first child I wanted to breastfeed but for some reason my milk never came in (that happens sometimes).  I breastfed my second child for about 3 weeks but I was going through a lot of stress at the time so I felt it was better to put her on formula.  This baby I breastfed with success and just stopped last week, so he got breastfed for 6 months.  I can't believe the nurse told you to just put her up there that she knew what to do......totally not right!!  It is so opposite here in my hospital, they push you to breastfeed!  There are lactation consultants that come to your room and stay for hours helping you introduce breastfeeding to your baby.  The most important thing you must remember is to stay calm and be extremely patient!  My little guy had trouble the whole time we were in the hospital and even a few days after we got home.  He didn't want to latch on.  There are nipple shields that you can buy that might help you (that is what I had to start with).  You can also try and squeeze some milk out so it is on your nipple and then put it to the baby's mouth.  Pumping is good too if that is the only way the baby can get your milk, but there is nothing like being skin to skin with mommy and the connection that is created between you and baby!  Don't be nervous about it and just tell yourself that breastfeeding is the only option because then you won't want to give up.  Your baby WILL get it eventually, and don't worry, they won't starve.  It is okay to supplement formula just until you get your full supply.  When you go in to have your baby, you might want to ask if there are lactation consultants (I can't imagine them not having any), and definitely talk to your OB doctor about it, they should be very supportive with that!  Good luck, I wish you the best!!

  • Ok so my beautiful son was born on april 9th of this year. i could not latch him for anything we just couldnt seem to do it. so they gave me a nipple shield to help him latch. well that was the worse experience i have ever had. i was cracked and bleeding and peeling. i pump and bottle feed my son. he is still growing just as much as he would if i latched him. all the doctors i have seen in the hospital, the peditician, ob, ect all say as long as they are getting the breast milk then it doesnt matter how they are getting it. dont feel bad you are not a failure. sometimes it just cant happen. the fact that you care so much says how good of a parent you are. besides i love getting to stare in to my boys eyes as he stares at me while i bottle feed him. i feel like i connect better this way then the other.

  • I breast fed twins, long time ago.  I used a soft toothbrush in the shower to ''toughen up" my nipples while I was pregnant.  This really did help.  My nipples presented better.  I still had trouble with my son Ben latching on.  I had to use a nipple guard.  It is a plastic cover that you can purchase that covers your nipple and gives the babie a bigger??? targert.  I just know that it helped me get him on so he could nurse.

  • each child is diffrent with breastfeeding. my first child only breastfed for 3 months and then i wasnt perducing enough milk so i had to switch him to formula. with my daughter she would only latch on to my right breast but i was still able to breast feed with only that breast for 9 months. they do have percription medicine like dom perri dome to keep your breast milk production up ifyou start to loose it and i was on it for a few months. dont let the nurses get you down. make sure you talk to the lactacion nurse in the hospital whenyou deliver and most hospitals have a 1800 number that will helpyou with breast feeding also. i really hope you are able to breastfeed its a beautiful thing.

  • It took my baby 4 weeks to learn to breastfeed. The only thing you can do is remove the pressure from the situation. If you have to pump and bottle feed for a while, that's not the worst thing in the world. I just kept trying here and there and one day she latched and I breastfed her until she was 8 months old. It's not as natural as one would think and it takes some of us a long time to get the hang of it. Stressing just makes it worse. So relax and enjoy your pregnancy and new baby and everything will fall into place, it just may take a little time.

  • Ok im so sorry i havent replied in so long you all have been so great and helpful. I have been having trouble signing in lol. FINALLY on my 7th try i got in today gosh lol for some reason it would let me sign in but when i tried to reply it would sign me out?? i dunno anyways. I had my second drs appoinment last monday and the HR is 160 everything is fine. Were all guessing a girl but will not find out gender till he/she is born. I asked my dr last visit how he feels about breastfeeding and his face lit up and out of his mouth popped an enthusiastic I LOVE IT! haha so i asked how his hospital was about BF and he said they have AMAZING lactation consultants and so much BF support he said hed make notes for his crew and when i register to tell them and theyd make notes all over as well cause they want moms to BF.  YAY! So im feeling very good about this. I also went and found some products to help one is a pumpy thing that helps draw out your nipple so baby can latch rather than a nipple shield which i found very painful with first baby. I also found the Lily pads silicone pads instead of regular nursing pads. The reviews say the wont irritate your nipples like a regular nursing pad will.  I didnt have to use anything like that first time around so this shall be trial and error in that part :)  Last time when i pumped my nipples got so chapped they bled so i got the lansino (sp?) cream so im gonna have some of that ready in case i need it this time. Ive been watching videos on different BF holds  everyone has been suggesting which has been truly helpful to get a visual on all your wonderful information. :) So far so good on the pregnancy i have lost weight between first and recent appoinment not a significant amount and normal for me in pregnancy i lost 20lbs with first in 1st trimester and didnt gain till the last 4 weeks where i gained 8.  Dr added to my prenatal vitamin an extra folic acid and a dha as well. Also gave me something last visit because morning sickness is increasing instead of going away :S  All in all this pregnancy is SO different from my first. But this time i have an AMAZING Dr!  And sounds like the hospital staff is going to be great as well. I have hubbys full support on BF he is very excited about this and helps me research products that may be helpful.  Were gonna grab a nipple shield as well to have on hand  but hopefully i wont have to use it or maybe it wont be as painful this time.  :)  Thanks again for all the help and support i do appreciate it and read EVERY post :)

  • i could not breast feed my first either. but this is what i did w my 2nd and 3rd, i found in a breastfeeding book the way to position yourself and to lay the babies head back, chin up and bring the baby to your nipple. you may have to pinch it to make it hard and easier for the baby to get on. it is frustrating. i also did have help. i also had a "good" nurse to help w getting the baby on, and then i visited w the lactation consultant and she helped.  you can also squeeze your boob w your hand so your nipple is pointing up, rub it on the babies nose, then from there down into the babies mouth, this help me, but i have smaller breast so it may be harder for you, good-luckw it!

  • Most hospitals offer lactating consultants, however if your hospital doesn't you should be able to find one at a local Health Department. I am breast feeding with my newborn and I simply called looking for a pump rental or something of that sort. I got to speak with her that day and she has called me a couple of times to check with me to see how its going. She offered me lots of helpful advice and tips.

  • Be strong and positive about breastfeeding, your baby feels everything you feel!  Talk to a breastfeeding coordinator at your local health department.  They specialize in helping moms out with these type of issues, so that you can succeed in whats best for your baby ( breast is best!).  Don't suffer as soon as you hear your baby crying, remember this...when your baby is born it can survive on one drop of collostrum alone for a 24 hour period, their tummy is as big as their fist, so no need to worry--you'll be just fine!

  • I wish I had gone when I had my first son. I was young and frustrated and didnt want to feel like I couldnt take care of my child on my own. I have heard so many good things about this group tho and will be going to meetings with my next child!

  • I suggest u take a breast feeding class and get your dr.. on board my baby was born early and small and i had a lot of pressure for her to be bottle fed, it took her a few days and many tears from me but we got it, perserve and get a good support system especially w your OB and your family dr.

  • try stimulating your breasts 3 days ahead of time with the pump to get your milk to come in early that way the day your baby is born it will be easier for him/her to latch on

  • I have been breastfeeding for 6 months.  I got the help of a lactation consultent while in the hospital.  She came in the room and helped teach me positions that help with breastfeeding and even helped my little guy latch on.  It was great!  Once I got home I was very engorged and he couldn't latch.  So I had to pump them down to get rid of the fullness and he was able to then latch on.  The softer they are the easier it is for them.  Your breast size shouldn't have anything to do with it.  Hoep this helps :) 

  • When my daughter was born i had a lot of trouble with her latching on she just wasnt getting it either what ever u do do NOT use a nipple guard the nurses gave one to me and it hurt very bad when she tried to latch on it would pinch and i couldnt take it. My nipples cracked and bled and she wouldnt drink the milk because of it. I had to pump and bottle feed her my milk for the past 3 weeks but i keep trying everyday to get her to latch on after i pump and shes gettin back into tha pattern of it.

  • I had a bad experience with the breastfeeding help at the hospital and I didn't even know it.  The lactation consultant came to visit in my hospital room but she just stood across the room with a clipboard asking questions like how are you feeling?  how long are you nursing each breast?

    When we were discharged my baby was slightly jaundiced and it was very important for her to eat a lot so she can pee.  what I didn't know was that she wasn't latching very well so not eating much.  During our first doctor's visit, we found out that she lost more weight and she had uric crystals in the diaper (she was dehydrated).  Their lactation consultant immediately came into the room and helped me nurse hands on.  Really, literally showing me how to hold my boob and listen for the gulping or swooshing liquid sound to ensure she's eating properly.  With this hands on education, I was able to start nursing properly and she's gained back her weight.  It was so bad that at the appointment we were told if she doesn't pee by that evening we were to report to the ER.  Thank God we didn't have to!

    It's not easy breastfeeding for the first time.  No one really shows you how to do this even at the class (I attended while I was pregnant) so I think it's crucial that you get a real hands on help to make sure you are doing it right at the hospital before you get discharged.

    It will be okay!  Don't give up.  Good luck with you and your baby.  Enjoy each moment :)