Convenient snacks for on-the-go

  • What are your favorite snacks to pack on the go? I try to expose my little guy to as many different foods as possible and like to bring a variety of foods when we go out shopping or to the park but it’s hard to find foods that are not super messy and get all over the car. Any ideas for me that aren’t super high in sugar and fat?

  • Not too many foods are car friendly, so I try not to let my kids eat in the car as much as possible. I find that a sippy cup of ice water usually makes them feel fine in the car. For on the go and for parks, I pack raisins, cheerios, granola bars, animal crackers, and goldfish crackers. These seem to be easy to eat while in the stroller and unless your child throws food, they aren't particularly messy. 

  • Your question made me think back upon an 18 month old set of twins that i cared for as a nurse. They were in their hospital room all set up in highchairs-and they could reach each other. Mom had given them cheetos as a snack and they had orange cheeto ALL OVER each other, the highchairs, and everything within reach!~ I haven't been able to eat a cheeto since then without thinking of those girls! One thing I love for kids is dry cereal...and it's fortified with vitamins and minerals, so it's healthy to boot. Life cereal is great. I also just got a new version of club crackers that are club minis. Oh-one more though, Fig newton just put out two new products, one is a bar the other is a low calorie biscuit in 4? flavors. I've had the blue berry and it's really good, and no mess. I can't wait to hear what other mom's have to offer.... :) Jess
  • I usually pack lots of fruit, which lets face it can be messy, but I also pack cucumber slices and pepper slices (peeled).  I still give my 2 year old the baby puffs because they are low in calories.  I also give her whole wheat ritz crackers.  good luck!

  • Great ideas, guys! I really love the peppers and cucumber idea. Always looking for ways to get those veggies in without tons of steaming when Im working on a short notice. Thanks!

  • raw veggies and fruit!  It's Summer- experiment!

  • What to pack and how messy it might be can depend. For example, at one some dry, unsweetened cereal and a sippy cup of water can be a life saver and probably won't cause a huge mess while baby is back there in the car seat in the back seat. I found covering my back seat with a terry beach towel really made cleanup of any resulting mess easier. Just remove carefully, shake out for the birds to eat the stray cereals, and wash!

    If your little guy is able to handle them, yogurt-covered raisins. homemade fruit leathers, those fat stick pretzels, dried fruit, saltine crackers, lightly steamed and cooled carrots, and baked oatmeal cakes all make great things to eat on the go. Just be sure to outfit him with a large bib. If you can find the sort made from an oversized hand towel with an elastic neck made from the same stretch terry used to make the waist band on sweat pants, those are awesome. I always just carried a wet wash cloth in a zippy bag to clean up after. It helps if they're somewhere accessable like a stroller so you can remove the food when they get full. You can line an umbrella stroller with a thin terry towel for easy cleaning.

  • Loving all these suggestions and ideas - it's inspired me to be more creative and fun with my little boy's snacks. Keep them coming!
  • We go old school and simple... Apples and bananas are our favs...

  • I like to pack the Gerber Puffs for my little guy. They come in many different flavors so I pack at least 2 different flavors. He really likes the Sweet Potatoe ones.