• i LOVE similac advance ready to feed  its so convienent and my son has been on it since birth and has had no problems!!!

  • That's wonderful! Welcome to Strong Moms! Tell us more about your son! Glad you are a part of this community!

  • My little girl adores Similac Sensitive...not for sure why:)


  • I am currently weaning my 6 month old baby girl from breastmilk to Similac formula.  My husband and I have tried a different formula one other time, but my daughter seems to prefer Similac.  Also, I trust giving Similac formula to my daughter more than any other, because our pediatrician's office sells Similac and it is an amazing doctor's office with excellent doctor's and nurses.  Similac was also recomended to us by the hospital that I gave birth in, and it is the formula that most closely resembles breastmilk.  I've honestly heard nothing but great thing's about Similac.

  • TXMamaBear - congrats on nursing up to 6 months! That's a great accomplishment! Just wanted to encourage you with that. :-)