Little boy not eating solid food

  • Hello everyone,

    My little boy will be a year next week and I have tried all i can think of with feeding him solid food. He will eat the stage 2 baby food, rice cereal ,and drinks formula.. Everytime I try to give him something else such as a puff or anything along those lines he gags and spits it out. Any ideas moms out there to help me get my little guy to eat solid food.......

  • Just keep offering it and be patient.

    How old is he?

  • good4theday1- I really think that this calls for a visit to your baby's health provider. There are lots of things that can cause this, and best find the one that is causing your baby to avoid many foods and get it remedied sooner than later. Let us know how things go, Jess
  • When babies first start, they will gag and spit it out.  It's part of learning process.  Just keep offering him small pieces, soft food until he's used to them.  Then you can slowly move to more chunky pieces.  My baby is 8 months old and still has no teeth.  She eats watermelon, honeydew, grapes all in small pieces and no problem.  She would even eat the watermelon and soft honeydew by biting off the bigger chunks.  If she gets them too big and can't swallow it, she just spit it out.  I think it's a self preserve ability.  You just have to make sure the food you give to your baby is soft enough so it won't really chock him.

  • Im sure its probably a  texture thing.  My three year old refuses to eat lots of foods because of  the way that they feel in her mouth, and has been that way since she started solids at four months.  It is frusterating, but hang in there it will get better.  One of the most important lessons I have learned with my three, is that they will do things on their time and not a second sooner....Good luck and be sure to keep us posted.

  • Have you mentioned this to your doctor? I think that some babies do just take longer than others to eat solids but if you are offering him soft, easy to gum foods and he is refusing them all, I might mention it to your pediatrician because he ought to be getting started at least on solids by one year old. If they tell you are doing fine and to keep being patient, then you have peace of mind that it's all going to come together eventually. Let us know if anything gets better!
  • Hi,

    My baby refuse to eat baby food.  He gags when he eat any baby food.  He went straight to solid food.  We gave him rice and noodles first.

  • Hi, 

    I totally feel your pain and my son will be 3 this month.  We tried to get my son to eat solid table food since 8 months old.  All he would do is gag.  I highly reccomend to get him evaluated to see if he has feeding issues.  My son is almost 3 and he will will not eat much table food.  We just finally got him to eat regular oatmeal with a smashed banana, some pureed ravioli mixed with sweet potato, cream of wheat and thats about it for chunkyness.  He has been seeing a feeding therapist.  He was also evaluated for autism and does NOT have it, not even on the spectrum.  So I was glad it was ruled out.  He has major sensory issues but his OT therapist has done wonders, he has made huge progress in everything else :)  Good luck and all I have to say is you have to have lots and lots of patients!! :)  Good luck!

  •  Hey! My little guy will be a yr in August-  same thing. He only has 2 little teeth on the bottom to boot...  the dr said it's no big deal. They learn gradually and if he isn't ready, he's not ready. Just keep trying and he'll get it. Remember, they have to learn how to eat from us. It's ALL new...

  • try mashed sweet potatoe or pumkin and slowly make it chunkier till they get comfortable. it helped my daughter.

  • My daughter went through a very similar time when we tried solid foods with her.  She did eat puffs and dry cereal but that was it.  Her main diet for probably the six months after her first birthday was still "baby" food.  We ended up being referred to a speech pathologist who specialized in feeding.  It was the best thing we could have ever done.  She tried different strategies for introducing and getting her excited about eating.  I learned a lot and was able to try new foods at home besides the foods she was trying during our weekly sessions.  Some children have texture issues that require professional help in working through.  My daughter is 2 now and eats many things.  We're still working on introducing new things, but we do not attend therapy anymore.  I hope this helps and good luck.  It is a very frustrating process, but stick with it...he'll get there!

  • I have a little one who has had food issues since she was 1 and is now 3 but still doesn't like to eat.  My go-to's for getting nutrition into her are old fashioned oatmeal with berries, and she loves quinoa and plain chicken breast if I cut it really small.  When i was transitioning to solids and there was some feet-dragging due to texture my trick was to take half of it put it in a food processor and blend until its the consistency of baby food, put the other half in there and do 2-3 pulses until its chunky but not too big.  It helps them to become accustomed to the texture.  Hope some of this helps.  I know each kid is different.

  • OMGosh.  I am having the SAME problem.  My son will turn 1 tomorrow.  It seems like since I put his food ( rice cereal mixed with gerber #2 food ) in a Gyro Bowl with a spoon, he won't eat and it all ends up on him etc etc.

  • i kept offering and eventually he learned what he needed to do..   but they just need patiance and understanding..  there so new at everythuing,..  and it takes time to perfect the act of tongue movement to forse the food ready to be swolled.. my son was the same way..  hes getting there but its baby steps :)