how much should my baby be eating?

  • so few weeks ago, there was a section on this site telling me about how many weeks/month a baby and how much should they be eating. where is it? o.o 

  • You are probably looking for the Feeding Expert tab. It is at the top of this page next to Tips and Advice and Products. Once you are there, you can find great advice on breastfeeding, essential nutrition for your older child, diaper decoder, tummy troubles, and more. Let us know if you have a specific question that some of our veteran moms can help with! Welcome to Strong Moms!


  • I'm not sure how old your baby is, but I've been told to take your babies weight, and multiply it by 2.5. My daughter is 3 months, 13lbs, so she should have 32.5 ounces per day. Sometimes shes right on, sometimes shes an ounce or two under, sometimes shes over. She usually takes between 4 and 6oz each feeding, and feeds 5-6 times per day. Example of her schedule: 7am: 6oz. 11:30am 4oz. 2pm 5oz. 5pm 6oz. 8pm 6.5oz. 12pm 7oz. This equals 34.5 ounces in 6 feedings. (an Average of 5.75oz per feeding)

    It has more to do with weight then age, but they do say that Newborns will eat every 2-3 hours and take 2-4oz each feeding. By 2-3 months, 6-8 bottles containing 4-6oz each, At 4 months 4-5 bottles containing 6-7 ounces, and by 6 months, 3 or 4 bottles, with 7-8 ounces each.

    If your baby is relaxed after feedings, gives you 5-6  wet diapers a day, and continues to gain weight at a good pace, then you are giving him/her what he/she needs! =) 

  • If you're feeding from the breast, the American Academy of Pediatrics says to feed the baby whenever (s)he shows signs of hunger.  Even if you're not sure the baby is hungry...offer the breast.

  • Iixmei - did you find the answer to your question? I hope so! Let us know if you have more. :-)
  • We were told to take the babies weight and divide that by 2. My baby weighs 10 lbs 11 oz now so should eat about 5-6oz per feeding.  My baby is eating alot- when he shows signs of hunger. My boy is eating about 4 oz, 10-11 times per day. He is averaging 38oz/day.  We went to the doctor today and he said to follow the same feeding schedule and that he is going to start to want more food since he is getting bigger and older- hence the 5-6oz per feeding that will be coming soon.

    When I was in the hospital the lactation consultant said to take the babies weight and multiply that by 2.5 and that is how much food your baby should get; however, our baby dropped 1 lb, 1oz  his first 6 days of life based on her recommendations.  We then started feeding our baby a lot. Now he wont quit eating.

  • wow ok this answer my question .... 


  • Okay well i don't believe in the CHARTS! When my son was born he weighed 8lbs 13oz. The nurse told me he should only be eating one pre-made bottle from the hospital. I gave him one and he would still scream. He didn't want a binky no air on his belly and i tried to sooth him in other ways. I gave him another one and he was still happy. When the onsite pediatrician made his rounds he asked why my son was crying i told him the nurse said he should only have one of the bottles and the dr told me " No, you feed the baby till he is full. When he is full he will push the nipple out " Needless to say my ham was drinking 5 1/2 oz before he came home. He stayed at that amount for a couple of months. Talk to your pediatrican about your child. Each and every baby is different and has different needs!

  • THANK YOU! My husband and I have been stressing that our two week old is not eating enough. this advice had eased our fears.. :O)


  • our son was 10 lbs. he is eating 3-4 ozs of similac every 2-3 hours. we were worried it was too much until we realized his body weight had everything to do with it. i cannot remember but i seen a chart somewere as well!

  • Just as has been said above each baby is an individual.  If your baby is waking to eat, or you are feeding between every 3-5 hours, and you are feeding him/her until he/she is full, he/she is gaining weight well, developing normally =well then you have the recipe for the right amount of food!  :)  That baby can be your best guide of how much he/she should eat.

    :) Jess

  • Thank you so much I will check on that also because I want to know also on how much should my baby be eating in her 7 months old now.

  • I totally agree with what you said!  :)

  • This is soo helpful.  Wish I had found this earlier.  I've been feeding my baby 4 oz and wonder why she gets hungry so quick!!  I've been giving her more, but sometimes she didn't take it all...I just assumed she was suppose to be on a certain amount of ounces and will eventually go up when she gets older.  I didn't know they fluctuate between feedings!  Can you tell I'm a new mom? lol