Breast pump help please

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am new to this but desperate.  I have a 4 month old and I would like to continue to give her breast milk.  She has come to realize that the bottle is easier so she doesn't want to nurse.  I would have no problems giving her breast milk in a bottle but I haven't found a pump that works for me.  I have bought two and rented a hospital grade one.  I really don't know what else to do, but I need to do something to keep my supple up.  This is my third child and I breast feed the first one and was able to pump.  I think because I pumped and nurse from the start.  With this baby because I was home for 3 months.  I only nursed and never tried the pump and now the pump just doesn't work for me.  Any suggestions?

  • Something similar with my situation as well. I really had to fiddle with my pump and calm down because I was putting so much presure on myself to produce for baby.  I got a clearenced evenflo pump and at first couldn't get it to work for me. Then we got to the point where I had to make it work.  It turned out to work great. If you are keeping a schedule of pumping like you would be doing if you were nursing your supply should hold. If that's not working then made try talking to a lactation specialist. It never hurst to cover all your bases. Good luck!

  • I think that it might be really helpful to meet with a lactation specialist and discuss this with her.  They know pumps really well and based on your body and your baby's need they can get you fitted with the best set up.  If you call your baby's doc then they can help get you referred over to someone.


  • I echo the other commenters. Call your hospital where you delivered your baby and ask to speak to a lactation consultant. They can get you an appointment with someone to figure out your needs. Sometimes you need to do a certain kind of pumping that includes starting out by massaging your breasts to get milk flowing, pumping till the milk slows or stops, massaging and hand expressing again, and then pumping until your breast is totally empty. Give those consultants a call - they will get you all the help you need. Keep it up - it's so important for you and your baby to keep that breast feeding going! :-)

  • Thanks for the information.  But I have sat with a lactation person who is also a mother and had a hard time using the pump.  I actually went into her office with pump in hand to show her they didn't work for me.  She also bought out a hospital pump that also wouldn't work for me.  I thought maybe another mother might have had this problem and found a solution.  But thanks again

  • You might try seeing a different lactation specialist.  A new perspective might help.  Sorry I can't offer more thoughts than that. Hang in there!


  • I use the Medela pump in style.  It's worked well so far.  Right now my baby is 9 months old and I use it every day at work.  But Yogamom2 is right, calm down.  I know it's hard, but it's the best for the situation.  I had a similar situation with my son not wanting to nurse, but kept offering it to him.  The best time is when they are very sleepy and don't realize.  After a couple of days, we were back on track. 

  • One thing that might help for you is to try a bigger sized flange - the part that goes over your breast when you pump. If you have bigger nipples, than when you use the standard size that comes with most kits (24), it can end up pumping only your nipples and none of your areola - reducing your supply and not getting any milk out. A lactation specialist would have bigger sizes (27, 30, 36) and you could see if that doesn't help a bit. Sorry we didn't have more suggestions for you!
  • i have to agree with the previous post. I had my baby early and was not able to nurse her until 2 weeks when we went home. At the hospital I had the worst time with pumping. I used the hospital Medela symphony but brought my Lansinoh. my pump would not work at all but i did find that the medela pump worked some but my supply started to slow down even with a routine pumping schedule. turned out that i had the problem of the flanges being too small. because i had become engorged 3 days after birth, when my milk came in full force, my nipple had streched and the normal flanges wouldnt work. but once i got the larger ones it worked out fine. I was even able to buy larger ones for my pump after just renting for a week. note i had been in hospital with their pump a few weeks before going home. hope for the best for you. this is my first child and my nursing experience has been great now that everything is working properly.

  • I am in the same boat with my first child....I was home 3.5 months and now am now having to pump and work. I have had so much anxiety over pumping that I was having trouble letting down at all. It has helped me to pump on my days off, after my baby is put down to sleep...that way I'm most relaxed and it gives my body an opportunity to get more accustomed to the pump (you won't be able to pump hardly anything but it boost supply).  I work 12 hour shifts so I wake him up to feed before I go in to work, and pump on my way in...that way my breast are fully emptied at least at the beginning of the day. I also feed him directly from the breast as much as he wants on my days off and after work...he will be your best tool at keeping up your supply! I've been back for 3 weeks and it's still hard, but getting more manageable. There is no doubt that this is a labor of love. My baby is dairy and soy sensitive so I was feeling extra pressure, which only added to my stress. People tell you to relax, and that's truly what needs to happen, but it's definitely easier said then done! Good Luck!

  • My little one wouldn't latch correctly, and I ended up with open sores when she was only a week old. I had to pump exclusively for the next 3 weeks while I healed. My mother-in-law is a L&D nurse and told me to go with Medela. I got the Pump In Style bag. It's pricey, but works wonders! I too had a hard time at first, but quickly realized that if i was stressed and the baby was crying, I wouldn't let down. I had to force myself to sit back, close my eyes, and relax. Because it's a double pump, and my husband was back to work, I bought a "hands-free" pumping bra. It enabled me to relax even more b/c I could soothe my baby girl, put her pacifier back in her mouth, adjust the suction, even change the channel on the tv w/o having to risk spilling or dripping all over the place b/c I had to move my hand.

    Another tip: pump EVERY time your baby needs to eat. That way your body keeps the same schedule as your baby. I pumped until I was empty every time b/c I knew I was going back to work in Aug (I'm a teacher), and if I'm going to pump, I might as well start storing some for daycare. Within days, my milk supply was way up, and I was pumping more than she needed. After those 3 weeks of only pumping, she went back to breast, and I continued to pump after she was done twice a day and now have over 200 oz in the freezer (and still have a month to go before school starts).

    Just be patient, get a good pump, and relax :)

    Good luck!

  • I use the Medela Free Style and it's wonderful b/c I can do other stuff while I'm pumping- since it's just the little gadget to be moved around. When I started pumping the lactation consultant told me the breastshields I was using were too small for my breast, so make sure you have the right size.

  • I had NO IDEA that there were different sizes of breast suction cup dealies or that they were called sheilds/flages!!!  LOL!!  I am having a heck of a time with my breast pump too.  Those flanges won't stay on my breasts unless I press them up against my breast with some kinds of force.  That was part of why I haven't been using the pump and not breasting feeding my son.  Then, its also not producing enough milk which frustrates me and then, stressed out, causing my milk to be less than adequate.  I guess I am embarrassed and maybe thinking that my stress level is way to high for me to produce milk for my son.  I hear you on your plight alilbit00...I truly do!!

  • It is definitely because you didn't pump from the beginning.  I pumped from day 3 and I ended up with an OVER supply.  I had to stop nursing because I was producing way to much, and my baby wasn't getting any hind milk.  Maybe if you nurse and pump right after for about 15 minutes to get extra milk it will trick your breast into thinking it needs to produce more milk.  Thats what I did and ended up with ALOT of milk. 

  • I agree here. The more you pump the more the body will produce. It can get old pumping all the time, but that's the trick. That and drinking WATER. WATER, WATER, WATER! Seems like the more water I drank the more milk I had. I have pumped from the beginning (10 mo baby), but I go in spurts when I don't pump as much and my supply gets lower. When I want to build it back up I pump at least three times/day and drink water like I'm never going to get anymore! :)