Breast pump help please

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    I have a 5-month old who I feel has not gotten enough from me to begin with. Breastfeeding is a 2-way street and if they aren't extracting enough from you, your supply suffers. My baby (I think) would get tired of waiting and wanted it all at once from a bottle. The pump does not get as much from you as your baby would as it's just so mechanical. I pump every 3 hours and get (on average) ~3 ounces each time. I have to mix some formula with my breastmilk. I was disappointed at first, but now feel proud for sticking with it and knowing she is at least getting benefits from the breastmilk she does receive.

  • Wow! This has been a popular post. I wanted to reply to you, April251, as well as anyone else that this applies to (which is just about everyone!).... You have given your baby an incredible gift by supplying her with breastmilk. In Susan Blackburn's text on fetal and neonatal physiology she speaks to the abundance of benefit from breast feeding. What truly amazed me is the research that she sites that reveal that it only takes milliliters, MILlILITERS!!! of breast milk for baby to benefit from it. Thus, any volume of breast milk that you are able to give that baby help her tremendously! Keep up your hard work, Sending gently hugs, jess
  • i have the medela manual pump that allows you to tug the nipple like if  you we're nursing until you see milk come out. Then use the other handle to enter in the milk flow. I think it work better then having to force the milk out.

  • Hi Everyone and thanks for all the advice.  I also made another post it's under superdaddy 7/19.  I guess my husband was logged in and I didn't notice it.  I still have a milk supply and as in the superdaddy post I have sat with a lactation nurse and she was at a loss for words.  She seem to think the shields were the correct size.  All she could say is that the pumps don't work for some moms.  I've tried the sleepy baby and it doesn't work.  I've tried different pumps.  I am relaxed and don't feel pressured.  I can hand express milk but it takes so long.  But thanks again

  • hi! dont get frustrated. i have been pumping since mine was 5 days old. it takes practice. i use a medela instyle, and its a really good pump, and yes they make different sized shields to make it more comfortable. it is awkward at first, and umcomfortale i thought, but it takes getting used to. it will come. keep up the good work! any questions just ask

  • Thanks everyone for your help!  I am willing to try to keep on the breast feeding train as long as I can successfully produce milk for my Son and he is satisfied with the results!  Take care!


  • I recommend the Lansinoh breast pump it mimics the way the baby feeds also includes a letdown feature.