once your milk supply decreases can you get your milk supply back up again

  • i have twin girls 3 months old,  i nurse and give them formula..i have never had enough milk to feed both of them because they have always struggled nursing almost as if they are to lazy to work for the milk because the bottle is so much easier....but now i am paying about $80 a week for formula so i was going to try and pump to get my milk supply back up but im not sure if it would at this point becasue i have only nursed them at night for the last month..

  • Your milk supply works off of supply and demand.  The more that is demanded, the more milk you will produce.  If you're still producing some milk, up the breastfeeding and or pumping to tell your body that it needs to make more milk.  Everyone's body is different and your milk may rebound or it may not.  If it stays down, you may want to think about discussing it with your doctor. 

    Also be sure to drink a lot of water and eat a good diet with enough calories.  I notice on days where I don't eat and/or drink enough, my milk supply suffers.  On days where I really pay attention to my water intake and eat big meals, my milk supply is much better.  I currently have a 6 month old who is exclusively breastfed (has never had formula) and my milk supply is sustaining him well, but he is also starting pureed fruits/veg and rice and oatmeal cereals. 

  • I would call your local Le Leche League - just look it up on the internet - and they can give you tons of advice and free help! You can attempt to nurse more often, pump after every feeding, and talk to your doctor about certain things you can take to increase your milk supply. It's always worth a try but you will have to watch the babies' weight carefully to make sure they getting an adequate feeding. There are ways to do this that a lactation consultant can help you with - most insurance companies will cover a visit to a lactation consultant. Give it a try! Good luck!

  • Most Americans get MORE than enough calories for than they need daily.  In fact, even a malnourished mom can usually produce milk for her baby.

    I think it's unnecessarily fear-producing to say that a mom has to eat big meals in order to make enough milk.

  • Grains-- Like rice and oatmeal helps increase milk supply.

  • As hard as it may sound with twins, if you are not getting enough rest it will definitely help from producing your milk supply. I had a baby in the nicu for a while. I ended up renting a hospital grade pump for a little while. They are stronger than the ones supplied by health insurance, or that you can buy yourself. It may help to increase your supply. Even if you are not nursing, make sure you keep a regular schedule for pumping. It will help. I also found drinking a large glass of water before and during pumping helped. Best of luck to you.