Hissy fits during table feeding time

  • My son is 9 months old and recently started throwing fits while we table feed him. It usually stems from me not letting him grab the spoon. I read in a book that you should let your baby play with the spoon and try to feed himself, but all he does is chew on the spoon and smear food on the tray. He's not eating with it. I've tried showing him how to use the spoon and I've also tried to give him his own spoon while I feed him with a separate one. All that does is cause stress for me because he loses interest in eating and won't open his mouth for the food spoon. I know he's hungry but all he wants to do with the food is play. About halfway through feeding he'll start pushing the food I manage to get in his mouth back out and squish it with his hands. But if I give him a bottle, he'll calmly eat until it's empty. Please help! This new behavior is driving me nuts!

  • At 9 months old, he may be ready for some small finger foods like Cheerios or small peas or bananas. Talk to your doctor and see is she recommends this as well. It may be that he is getting tired of mushed up food and wants to be a "big boy". Also, make sure he is truly hungry before sitting him down. It may be that he isn't that hungry and so he is more interested in playing. You can also check with the "feeding expert" tab at the top of the strong moms site for more information.

  • I agree - try some small finger foods. However, playing with the spoon and food is the only way that your little boy will learn to eat. It's a messy process, I know. I went through the same cycle with my boy. I would encourage him to put the food in his mouth but I would hold my own spoon in my hand and sneak bites into his mouth while he was messing around with his own spoon. You have to realize that at this age, some of his nutrition comes from food but a lot still comes from breast feeding/formula. Hang in there...it gets better!