Traveling - Need help!

  • I am traveling to visit my family in the UK in a couple of weeks and I need to know which UK formula would be similar to Similac Senstive, seeing as I am unable to take my babys formula with me, due to custom regulations? 



  • Hello,

    I'm European living in the US and I'm not aware of any regulation that wouldn't allow you to take Similac formula to the UK. But just in case, my advice would be to pack as many sealed containers of Similac milk (in powder) in your check in luggage and just what you need for the trip itself on your carry on bag. I will be surprised that they don't allow you to go through customs with it, ... I never had a problem myself.

    If during your trip you run out of formula while in the UK, I will ask your family to take you to a local doctor (pediatrician if possible) and I will asked him for a recommendation based on the information he will see on the label of the Similac formula that you are using to feed your baby.

    Hope this helps. Best regards

  • I agree that you should be able to bring formula with you. I would call the airport in advance and discuss this. I agree that you should carry a formula label with you, so you can compare brands if you run out, but going to a local doctor would probably cost you a good bit of money considering your insurance would most likely not cover you in the UK. I'm just thinking that you really should be able to bring it with you.