Is it time to wean??

  • My son is almost eleven months old and I have been doing great with nursing and working full-time.  Not too long ago I would say I was enjoying it and wanted it to last forever.  Lately I have begun to see it as a chore and feel like I want to wean before I start to resent him.  I have been letting them give him formula at school but have still been pumping to keep my supply and keeping the breastmilk for use at home for sippy cups (which he hasn't taken to yet).  I nurse him exclusively at nights and weekends so my supply won't decrease.  I am starting to grow very tired of it and feel very sad and guilty that I am not enjoying it anymore.  Should I wean him now or will this feeling go away. 


  • I nursed my daughter until almost 18 months and I felt this same way at the end. I was tired of nursing and didn't enjoy it when I did it, but I felt sad about stopping and even a little guilty. You have done a great job to still be nursing and working full-time. You might try just cutting back on pumping until you are no longer pumping anymore. That, in and of itself will reduce the wear and tear on you. If you stop pumping and still feel like it is time to stop, then do what is best for you. Sometimes I would feel tired of it and then the feelings would go away. Then finally, the "time to stop" feeling came and never left. Smile