If I warm up some formula and it's not used...

  • My 5 week old baby just went to sleep after hours of being fussy. He was giving me all the signs that we was starting to get hungry and so I had my husband warm up 3oz in a bottle. It doens't take a rocket scientist to figure out that my baby went right to sleep the second the bottle was warm.Tongue Tied

    So....my question is...

    Should I discard the warmed up formula even though it wasn't used?

    I'm looking forward to your answers!



  • Personally any milk or formula we warmed up for our daughter we always discarded afterwards if she didnt finish it. I don't know about the health risks, and you should speak with a pediatrician to answer any specific questions, but it just made us feel safer doing that.

  • Hi Lillian,


    I feel as lost as you do with this question on a different way ... On the instructions, there is a recommendation to discard any milk from a bottle that the baby would have start and would have not finish within the hour of having started it. I have tasted the milk several times right after having prepared it and after the hour has passed (like 2 or 3 hours later) and the milk doesn't taste bad.

    We keep discarding the milk as instructed in Similac's instructions, but as our baby doesn't eat exact quantities each time, we feel that we're wasting a lot of milk (and money) by doing so.

    I'm looking forward as Lillian for answers or comments on this subject.


  • I always used my good judgement in this type of situation. For example, if the formula had not been sitting out at room temp at all and my son hadn't drank any or had taken only a sip and then refused, then I would throw it back in the fridge and reheat. If it had been sitting out for even 20 minutes, then I would discard.

    That being said, I called Similac for the final word on formula reheating. :)

    They said even if the baby has not taken a sip of the milk, that it must be discarded to prevent bacterial contamination. So, if it has ever been heated, then it has to be used within the hour.


  •     Hi I have a three month old and i got something in the mail about formula.It says powder formula is only good for 24hrs,but keep it in the fridge.If the bottle is warmed up, 2hrs only if she hasent started drinking it,if she has then 1hr.It says when babies suck the bottle bacteria gets down in it.I know it sounds gross but thats what it says.Its the same for ready to feed formula,but it can stay in the fridge for 48hrs.I hope i gave you some helpful information.                                 Happy Holidays,Kim

  • Hello Lillian,

    I am a new mom too and asked my doctor and she told me 1 1/2 hrs after the bottle is made and warmed to toss it.

    Hope this helps!


  • I dealt with this a year or so ago. My husband was thinking about the money issues with throwing away unused milk. He didn't believe me (the more experienced parent) until our pediatrician said the same thing as all the books and package directions: if it sits out for a certain amount of time, discard. I told him it was better to be safe than sorry, especially when your baby's immune system is still developing.

  • Hi Lillian- I meant to send this to all the other responders too, but didnt know how to send it to all, so opted to reply to you, and maybe you can help me use the general posting for future questions.

    I am soo glad i found this website with all these helpfull comments and to know that there are other parent s with the same issues makes me feel somewhat better, i basically do the same as you i wait for all the signs of my baby matthew getting hungry and my husband warms it up 4oz in a bottle, and ofcourse he falls to sleep again or just drinks 2oz and i save the rest for later on as everyone here mentions  it is expensive,

    well lately after doing this my baby is really gassy and its really really stinky gas out his booty, which started to concern me alot- he is 7 weeks old and he does not look like comfortable after feedings, i mean i can sense there is something wrong, so after reading all this i will definetly change my ways and not save it and discard immediatelly the bacteria situation scares me -  everything was going very very well until a few days like 4 days that he started with the smelly gasses and i dont know if i should consult a pediatrician( he still dont have one yet)

    I am learning as i go and i always have tons of questions and concerns so ill definetly be around reading and learning as i go, i read alot like parents.com- and many other websites to get information as to how to be the best mommy.


    Thanks!! ill be looking forward to all of your comments and advice.




  • Hello,

    I don’t think there is anything to concern yourself about the smelly gas contrary to popular thoughts but babies "stuff" does stink. I think the excess gas is probably due to unreleased burps. But if it's not bothering (no excessive crying) your baby it's probably fine. You actually want baby to pass gas rather then keep it in the tummy where is will hurt their little bellies. Burping is probably the best option because it avoids the possibility of a tummy ache as they wait for that gas to pass. But baby burps are sometime hard to get out. My 3 month old will not burp when she's sleepy. I could sit there for an hour trying and I feel bad because it wont come out but then she usually will pass gas in the morning while stretching. During the day its fine burping her when she's a bit more awake moving around to help the burps out and less gas passing happens too. 

    PS: You should select your baby’s pediatrician, he really should have already had a check up and a second shot followed d up from the hospital. For now select any doctor, you'll be right there and if you don’t like them you can always change. Get advice from your co-workers or friend. Someone’s personal experience is usually the best way to find out about the good/bad ones.