Size of Nipplies to use?

  • Hello - i am a new mom of twin premies.  They were born at 34 weeks and will be one month January 21st.  I have a 2 yr old that was full term so I really didn't experience any problems knowing when to switch the nipples a size up.  The best nipples that seem to work at the disposables.  Otherwise, the babies just leak out of both sides of their mouth tremendously.  I have tried slower nipples and faster nipples and can't seem to find what they need.  Now I am wondering is it just b/c they are premie and their mouths are smaller?  Any suggestions?

  • Hi-

    Yes, premies can be different from full term babies when it comes to feeding.  Many premies don't have the coordination to suck, swallow, breath that the later gestation babies have.  Many premies have a tendency to suck, suck, suck ,suck, swallow, breath.  What I can tell you about these little guys is that different things work for different babies.  You are absolutely correct in that premies do have a smaller mouth, and then the coordination issues on top of this can make a regular flow nipple hard for them to deal with.  Have you tried the Dr Brown bottles?  These bottles often work well for premies as they help regulate flow.  There are several different sizes of nipples for these, so I would try a smaller one and see if it helps.  The other bottle they might do well with is an avent.  These are thought to be similar to the breast, so good for breast feeders.  All of this said, sometimes it's just a matter of trying a few different things and sticking with what helps/works.

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    Jess_BabyRN gave you some great advice. Have you had any luck finding a nipple that works for your babies? Sometimes you also just have to pace the feedings. This means that you tip the bottle up for them to suck on but then tip it down after several sucks/when the milk is beginning to dribble so that they have a chance to breathe and catch up with the flow before doing more sucking. Ask your pediatrician about it if you still have questions. Hope you found a solution!