First Baby

  • My husband and I were considering on buy formula know before our baby is born. Is that a good idea?  If my baby cant drink the formula i get. Can I exchange it for what i need?

  • justm1e2,

    I think it's a good idea to have one can of formula (and this is you intend to breast feed primaily).  Sometimes healthy full term kiddos get jaundice and when this happens the most important thing to do is get food into the kiddo so that he/she starts pooping out the bilirubin (which is the stuff tht makes people jaundice).  There are some mom's who do not get their milk in for 2ish days.  During those few days baby can get really hungry, fussy, have low blood sugars and not get better from the jaundice.  It's often advised to bridge the gap while waiting for mom's sufficient milk supply  to come in.  I wouldn't buy a whole lot of formula because if you a special kind, then you don't want to have to give up the expensive stuff you have already paid for.  Odds are, as well, that she will do just fine.


  • if its the same price and not used yes but the prices really vary my daughter drinks alimentum and its 27.49 a can

  • I agree that it is good to have one can on hand at first since you won't know if you will say with a particular formula... Do you know what kind you plan to use at this point? I did a ton of research on formula... what's in different brands and how those things benefit my baby...  Inevitably i chose Similac because i liked the benefits or similac over the other formulas. I suggest you do your research if you haven't already. I started out breastfeeding, but my baby couldn't handle my milk so i had to switch to formula...When I signed up for this sight I received sample packs of Similac Advance so i didn't have to buy any. So if you have just signed up you may wind up getting some samples as well and you wouldn't need to buy any right off the bat... They also send coupons. I don't know if you intend to go with similac or not but it's about 23 dollars a big can so the coupons help a lot.

  • Great advice Brinny, love having smart parents like you here!  Let us know how things are going justm1e2.

    :) Jess

  • Jess, actually nearly all moms don't get their milk in until 2-5 days after baby is born.  Before that you produce colostrum, which is very high in calories and all that most babies need.  It's very rare to have to supplement simply because your milk hasn't come in yet!  However, you may need to supplement for other reasons (e.g. jaundice, premature baby who isn't gaining weight, other breastfeeding problems, etc.) so having a little formula on hand can't hurt anything.  But if your goal is to breastfeed exclusively or at least as much as possible, ask your pediatrician before supplementing so early on.  The less you supplement, the easier it will be to keep your supply up!

  • GeekChick, You are right and the examples I gave above have the do with unexpected situations related to jaundice, unexpected weightloss, inability to maintain temp and other problems that would be made worse if mom's milk has not come in yet (the same as you listed).  That colostrum is loaded with nutrients and immune building gold, just as you shared, but it is lower in calories than typical breastmilk at 54 per 100ml vs 70 per 100ml in typical breastmilk. (Institute of Medicine of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences) What we all want is a healthy baby and a happy family and so all fingers are crossed that very outcome!  :)


  • I agree that it is a good idea to buy a little bit of formula to have on hand for emergencies and for the first few months. Don't buy too much though and keep an eye on the expiration dates. 

  • As said above, we received many samples from our doctor and kept them on hand in case of an emergency. Ask your Doctor if they can provide you with any formula. We didn't need it when our girls were babies, but there were a few times we ran out unexpectedly and didn't have any in the house, and the samples kept us from running to the store in the middle of the night!