Feeding a picky eater

  • Toddlers are notorious for being picky eaters. Though this behavior is perfectly normal, it does not make having a two year old who only eats ketchup sandwiches any easier to deal with. I have found that presentation is everything. Armed with cookie cutters and a little creativity, you can turn any meal into one your little food critic will love. Often, just changing the name of the food goes a long way. Superhero Sundaes (yogurt and berries served in a pretty parfait cup) and Princess Wands (breadsticks with ribbon tied at the bottom) are sure to please your picky little ones.

    1. Do you have a picky eater?
    2. What are your child’s favorite foods?
    3. Share your creative food ideas.

  • My tiny tot can't seem to decide if she is a picky eater or not. It can change between breakfast and lunch even. If I offer her a banana she may toss it on the ground, half a day later she'll be gobbling it up. I try to keep variation in her diet so that she doesn't get bored with any one thing; so far it's worked well. I also make sure any food I offer her (even if it's one I dont personally enjoy) I do so with a smile and show her I like it to prevent her from picking up my habits and moods for eating.

  • Same here. She will gobble something up and I'll be thinking "SCORE!". Then she will tell me "No sir" the next time I offer it. And isn't slimey banana the worst thing to get off the floor? Yuk!

  • Arg! Getting my 2-year-old to eat anything these days is a challenge. It's not just, "Oh, I'm not in the mood for that," its also, "I want to do it myself," or "I want my sister to feed me." Feeding has always been an issue with her and she is a petite little girl (2 years and only 24 pounds). But now more issues are complicating meal time as she asserts her independence. It almost makes me say, what good is trying to get them to eat healthy if you can't get them to eat at all.

    I soooooo feel your pain!