She just won't burp

  • I'm a first time mom of a 7 week old sweet little girl who is the worlds worst burper lol.

    Even the nurses at the hospital said "oh you've got a difficult burper on your hands."

    Boy were they ever right. I have pretty much tried the regular advice about burping every ounce,and trying different postions. But she just won't give them up. Once she does it's only little ones and she's a gulper so I know she's full of gas. After about an hour (including breaks) she's asleep and is just done with my attemps.

    My question is, what other positions are there besides the knee burp and sholder if any? Thank you any advice is truley appreciatedSmile

  • I've found that gentle pressure on the belly can help get those burps out. Yes, it will sometimes result in spitting up, but once you get a feel for what works with your baby, it becomes more effective.  Also, try alternating positions. Sometimes the movement of of the belly when switching positions can help loosen up the gas in the belly. Good luck!

  • Hi. My little girl is a hard burper at times, but she really is a big burper when they come out. I have found that if you have her sitting up on your knee, if you lightly bounce your knew, it helps the gas "bubble up".  I've tried to do that on the shoulder too, and it seems to help with those difficult burps.

    Hope that helps.Wink

  • my son was really hard to burp.  I read that if you rub their back up and down it helps.  I tried this and it really helped me get those burps out

  • hi,

     i can totally relate, my daughter is a month old and it takes her awhile to burp, what i usually do is move her back and forth from the knee, the shoulder, and then i lay her flat on my legs and she usually burps real good. so just try those three positions, switching it up. hope it works.

  • Don't think you're alone... my four month old daughter gets very fussy from gas, but is stingy with her burps as well. As with everything else, every baby is different, and asking for advice is a great first step. What has worked for our daughter is the massaging of the back from lower back to upper back. This seems to help the burps along, although it's hardly foolproof! I've found that your pediatrician often has a world full of techniques, and may even diagnose a simple issue that may lead to baby's gas that can be remedied easily.  

  • I am in childcare, and have up to 8 kids in my room at a time. I have the ones that burp the second you set them up to the ones who take twenty minutes to get the gas out. Try alternating from patting her back, to rubbing in a clock-wise motion. Sometimes, if you lay your child across your legs with a their weight on the their bellies as you burp, it helps to force the gas out. Some parents are also afraid of patting too hard, so they don't use enough pressure, but don't be afraid of hurting her. She's tougher than you think. If all else fails, lay her on her back and do some leg exercises like a biking motion or pumping to help force the gas out. She may get agitated at first, but most babies think it's a fun game.

  • try sitting her up on your knees supporting her head under the chin with your hand and lean her forward a little and pat the back.  This kind of squeezes the belly and helps.

  • I am a mother of 3 and all 3 of my kids were not the best burpers. If I've tried almost every burping position and no luck...I will lay baby down and sure enough baby will cry and squirm. Once I pick baby up---BURP!

  • Make sure that you are patting her firmly enough. Many parents barely tap their babies and expect them to burp. Try putting her over your shoulder to place gentle pressure on her tummy and if that fails try rubbing her head gently. I don't know why this works, but it does! Maybe it helps them relax and let it out!

    If you still can't burp her, she may not really need to burp. Many babies don't need to burp as frequently as their parents think. Keep trying!

  • When I had my twins, the nurses at the hospital told me I had hard burpers as well. They suggested that if all else fails when trying to burp, rub the head very gently for a few minutes in a circular motion, and then try to burp them normally.

    The nurses told me that they rub the heads over babies who have needed surgery or had conditions that would be to painful or stressful on the infant to be burped by patting and bouncing. From my experience, I've found that burping them that way works wonders!

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  • I have 5 1/2 month old twins and i understand how frustrating burping can be with stubborn burpers.

    I was offer many solutions and sometimes i have to a little of each. When the were first born and only around 4lbs each, we would burp them sitting up on our leg, them leaning slightly forward, us supporting their chest and patting them on the back, when that didn't work one of the nurses showed me how to "ease the burp up" by rocking them (in the same position on the leg) leaning them back to nearly laying down, then bringing them back to their slightly forward position. And that helped alot when they were smaller.

    As they've gotten a little bit bigger we'll usually go for the on the shoulder technique, but when that doesn't work, bouncing on the knee helps, and if its really hard to get up, my mother (my favorite RN at hand, lol Big Smile) showed me that if you put you hands under their armpits and raise them up to your baby's position looks like a lowercase t standing on your lap, that can help gravity do its thing, and bring the bubbles up, too.

  • LoL! I feel your pain, our little 4 week old is the same way. Me and hubby have to take turns burping her because our arms get tired from patting her back! haha!!

  • My son who is now 2 months old has trouble burping and he fight his burps..LOL.. But I have tried all different ways to make him burp and I found that after patting him on his back with him sitting up on my knee holding his chin I would stand up with him and kinda give him a little bounce or bounce him on my knee for just a secound and it works like a charm.. good luck and I hope this helps...

  • Don't worry! I had similar problem even till now. But once they grow up bigger, they will be fine.Smile