i am a 19 year old first time mom

  • i am due on november 4th and i plan to breastfeed but i have to work and go to school so i was wondering if any one uses both breast milk and similac

  • I used both breast milk and Similac with my 4th child and it was so nice to be able to do that. Many moms stress themselves out thinking that breastfeeding has to be all or nothing. Luckily it doesn't have to be that way. Even a little bit of breastmilk is great and Similac can help you fill in the gaps when you don't make enough milk to support your growing baby. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

  • Good for you deciding to breast feed! I do know mothers who use both breast milk and Similac. You'll probably want to get some sort of pump to use while you are at work or school so that your breasts don't get too engorged or full, making it uncomfortable for you. You can also save that milk for your baby! Any time you don't have enough breast milk at home, you can use the Similac to make up the difference. Make sure you talk to a lactation consultant at the hospital when you deliver to answer any questions you have about breast feeding and how to make things go well when you go back to work and school. Good luck!!

  • For my wife, having the pump and being able to store her breast milk solved the problems of having enough milk when she was at work and helping to relieve the pressure on her breasts. Breastfeeding while working can be complicated, but my wife was able to nurse for four months and was very proud to do so. Congratulations and good luck!

  • I am def late on this responds since it is the new year, but i wanted to say i was 19 when i gave birth to my first child and i did both. My daughter was on similac sensitive and it was really great. I did give up on breastfeeding, but i was working full time and in school, so if you do this or have do not feel guilty similac is great and when you use the coupons its like 3 dollars more than generic and id rather use similac than generic. I now use similac and breastmilk with my third, but am going to quit breastfeeding because i hate it and just use the advanced version of similac. My son is a month and does great on similac. Just as a tip target seems to be the cheapest for similac you can go online and get at target coupon and use a check or the coupons that your ped may have for you. I also go to babies r us and get the ready to feed cases since i hate powder but its convenient at times. Hope it all is working out for you. BTW being young is an awesome time to have kids. 

  • Jasmaine- your baby has probably been here for at least a month...how are you guys doing? :-) 

  • AnswerDad03, Wow your wife did a good job.