New mommy and Breast feeding trouble

  • I just had my son and I am determined to breast feed him but I find myself getting frustrated. He will latch on and only feed for a few mins sometimes less then 5 I am pumping and try feeding him several times A day but sometimes he will not latch at all :( I am supplementing with similac because I am not producing hardly any milk :( any advice 

  • I'm wondering if you have worked with a lactation nurse/consultant?  These splendid men and women know everything about breastfeeding and can help with solutions and suggestions.  Your pediatrician or Ob can help with a referral.  Let us know if you need help or have more quesitons,


  • I have talked to and met with a lactation specialist she said to just keep trying and not to give up, I live in a small town the closest to meet with them are 1 hr away :(   he has been doing much better in the last few days staying latched for 15 min or more, so we are doing a little better! Still not producing a lot of milk though :( 

  • How old is your baby? Sometimes it takes up to a week for a new mom's milk to fully come in. You can also buy breast shields at any Target. They are silicone shields that attach to your nipples to help your baby latch on better. You can try those if you are still having trouble. Keep it up and watch your baby's diapers. If he is peeing and pooping routinely and going at least 2 hours in between feedings, then he is getting enough to eat! Good luck and keep in touch with your pediatrician if you have any trouble.

  • You  might not have a supply issue, your baby may just like the flow of the bottle since it's immediate and constant.  Try to get in contact with a lactation consultant.

  • It sounds like things are a bit better!  Since you live a bit away from the lactation consults/docs perhaps they would be willing to do a short phone consult to get things going on the right track.  Always worth a try!


  • Good for you sticking with it!! Continue to put your baby on and have him eat as long as possible. Pump for about 15 min afterwards to stimulate your breasts to make more. If your baby wants to eat again soon after feeding, just put him right back on. Even if he has to eat frequently for a few days, it'll help that supply. Hang in there!! You are on the right track. 

  • Should I be pumping even if he's stay on for 1/2  hr or more at a time? I want him to get the milk from me b/c  he sometimes gets frustrated, but he's been satisfied. I have cut back from supplementing from 3 times per day to now only once. (not skipping twice)

  • I think it is more quantity based than time.  So if baby is eating for 1/2 hour but not getting much then you can still pump for 20 minutes or whatever has been normal for you.  I think so long  you can pump milk-pump.  Then if you have extra you can freeze for later use.

    What do others think?


  • If your baby is latching on and nursing well for 20-30 minutes then you should not pump. It will only wear your nipples down and make them sore. He may be fussing because he wants to suck on something and he is using you as a human pacifier! After 20-30 minutes of nursing you should be able to give him a pacifier and he should go at least 2 hours in between feedings. If he is doing that and having wet diapers throughout the day, then you are doing great!