Mixed formula

  • I'm traveling to Europe next week with my 2 month old baby.

    I am allowed to take as much formula as needed for the trip, but it has to be mixed with the water already. How long will the mixed formula stay good if it isn't refrigerated? The trip will be around 20 hours if we have no delays.



  • Hi,

    You are going to need to take premixed formula (ready to feed) because powder formula is supposed to be either used within the hour or kept in the fridge.  I know this is more expensive, but it is the safest way to feed your baby in this situation.


  • Thank you! I purchased this premixed formula yesterday! I figured that was the way to go! Thanks for your reply though!Yes

  • Pretty sure you can pack the powdered formula in your stowed bags, but if not you may also want to pick up enough pre-mixed formula for the trip as alternating with what your purchase there may cause digestive problems unless you can find the same pre-made mixture over there (and even then make sure they use the same exact ingredients).