Breast Feeding Worries

  • So, I am pregnant with my second child (3w 2d) and I plan to breast feed this baby until a year old. I only breast fed my son for 3 weeks because I had to go back on some medication. Anyway, I am worried about how this is going to go. I am worried about not knowing if the baby is eating enough. I am signed up for a breast feeding class (taught by other mothers who breast feed). I just wanted to hear what some moms on here have to say about breast feeding. How did it go for you?

  • Breast feeding is great, but it takes about a month to work out all the kinks and get easier.The first month is hard...your nipples hurt and breasts ache, but in a month everything gets easier. If you are serious about breastfeeding then I think you willdo fine. Just take a class or talk to other moms in your area who breast feed. Having support in your house also helps. If you need more one on one help, talk to a lactation consultant when the time comes. Some babies are great at breastfeeding and then it goes smoothly.....others are not so great and that is when you need patience and determination.