Breast pump problems

  • I have started back to work and my 7 month old is still nursing. I have an electric pump but I have more luck using my hand pump. I also have a 3 year old and I need to pump as much as possible for my son but I also need to do it as quickly as possible. Anyone have any ideas on how to get my electric pump to work better or why I am have such a problem with it?

  • Huh - what type of pump is it? Do you feel equal suction from both sides? I'd try calling the company that you got the pump from and trouble shooting stuff with them - you ought to be able to get more from an electric pump than a manual pump! 

  • I agree to call the company. In addition, make sure all of the parts are working correctly and if you are only pumping one side, make sure the other valve is closed so you are getting all of the suction.