bottle issues

  • My baby used to take a bottle- no problem when she was younger. I breastfeed her at home, and when I go to work or away, I give her a bottle. Last week, she started to go hysterical every time I tried to give her a bottle. She would scream until I got home and nursed her. Why wouldn't she take the bottle? I even switched the formula, it didn't help. I even bought a new bottle, that didn't help either. When she goes to the babysitter, she does not eat for 3 hours. How can I get her to take the bottle agian without any frustration?

  • Sounds like you have the makings of a strong-willed child on your hands, and she's letting her feelings be known the only way she can. Chances are, she favors breastfeeding over plastic nipples at this point.

    It could be that she's having problems with that type of bottle or nipple. I went through three types of bottles and at least six types of nipples before we found one she would be able to drink from comfortably. If you can find it, try to get the Playtex Nurser bottles with the old-style "Natural Action" nipples (Can order through, since they're hard to find in stores). These worked best for us and seem to mirror breastfeeding very well. They're also good for all mouth shapes and types. My little one had a wide pallate and did not do well with any other style of nipple.

    As for not eating, babies run on instinct. If she's hungry, she'll eat. But if she's having trouble getting what she needs from the bottle or is taking in a lot of air from the bottle and getting gas pains, then she'll likely resist. Unfortunately, it's often a game of try-and-see.

  • I'm not as familiar as WriteMommy10 with the types of bottle nipple available but that sounds like an excellent suggestion. You may also try switching to a larger sized nipple - she may not be getting enough from the current one and be trying to tell you that. I also remember BabyNurse3 talking about nipple shields ( that may also help simulate the feel of a bottle nipple and help her get back into the swing of drinking from them.