After the birth of our first daughter, my wife was scared about the nursing process. She desperately wanted to be able to nurse our baby, but there was some doubt due to certain health issues whether she could do it or not. The support she received from the nursing staff was extraordinary and relieved the extreme pressure my wife felt. Their philosophy was that my wife should do the best she can, and no matter the outcome, we would all support her. Fortunately, she was able to nurse all of our babies, but she has never forgotten how much that support meant to her during a difficult time. Do you have a similar story? If so, feel please share your story in a Twitter Party sponsored by the "I Support You" movement on Wednesday, August 7th at 8pm EDT and let mothers know you support them whether they nurse, bottle feed or a combination of both. You can find the movement with the hashtag #ISupportYou. -- Chris, Strongmoms Facilitator