2 oz bottles

  • What type of rings and nipples do I need to buy to use with the 2 oz ready-to-feed bottles.  I plan to use the 2 oz bottles for the first 2 or 3 weeks.

  • the ready to feed bottles are probably the ones that you will use in the hospital...keep a couple of the nipples and rings that you get.....they also fit on the 8 oz ready to feed bottles.. but you can buy them anywhere (babiesrus,walmart)...the box that i have of the ready to feed bottles says any standard size nipple and ring..o and btw, my son was eating more than 2 oz before he left the hospital, lol..the ready to feed 2,6 or 8 oz bottles are really convenient when youre not home, but they cost more...especially if you have to open more then 1 in one feeding...the 1 quart bottles (i use similac) are easier to use at home because you can make as little or as much as you want...hope this helps!!!!

  • I agree with jellybean21. You might want to think about what kind of bottles you want to use for the long-term and start with those. You'll be using them before you know it, plus it's really expensive and sometimes difficult to get those ready-to-feed bottles.

    Babies can be fussy about nipples depending on the size of their mouths, strength of their sucking action, etc. I went through like three different brands in addition to the ones from the hospital before I found one that my youngest did well with. She has a wide mouth and sensitive gag reflex and most of the nipples we tried allowed her to swallow too much air. She had quite a bit of trouble.

    I used the Playtex Nurser System with Natural Action nipples for both my girls. They're good for a variety of mouth types and are easy to suck. Not to mention the most convenient  for mom in terms of washing and preparing bottles.