• I am currently trying the new formula for supplementation. I think it's great. My baby likes it and I would definitely  recommend it for other moms who are breastfeeding and supplementing. My baby is never full from my milk so I give her formula just to top her off. :-)

  • That's great news! My wife used to give our babies a formula bottle right before bed which would allow her a more restful sleep.

  • Glad you are finding something that works for you! 

  • I also love the new formula for supplementation...I just wish it came in the larger Ready to Go bottles. They only have the Ready Made formula in those little 2 oz bottles, and they aren't nearly enough. He will go through almost 2 boxes (8 little bottles/box) a day...that gets expensive. So now I have to try the powdered one, and hope that his system tolerates it okay. Hopefully, they will come out with the 1 quart bottle soon!

  • So glad that the formula is working out well and that your babies are thriving!  This is wonderful news.


  • 2013Zachai - you should hopefully find the powdered formula to be fine with his system if he tolerates the ready made bottles. They are simply premixed for you but the powdered should work equally well. Good luck!