Similac advance and Advance w/early shield

  • I have been told not to switch between formulas but is it ok to use both the advance and the advance w/ early shield? what is the difference?

  • BabyNurse3 tipped me off to this really great number 1-800-232-7677, its the StrongMom line. They should be able to answer your question. The main reason I understand it when you're told not to switch between formulas though is because it can cause stomach/digestive issues in your baby. For instance in my daughter it would result in nasty diapers, in others I've heard of worse. I would speak with someone at the number I mentioned for more information or possibly a pediatrician.

  • I agree. They were so helpful and didn't make me hold long at all. :)

  • I believe you shouldn't switch around brands or formula mix's in the early stages because once your baby has learned to digest one kind, then you might not want to offer a different mixture because not all formulas are made with the same ingredients. You'd take the chance baby could be uncomfortable trying to adjust to the new offering. When babies are fussy it's already hard to know what they want you don’t want to add to the list with formula that is hurting their tummies.  

     I started on one brand with my daughter, who was having difficulties digesting it, not fussy but (making # 2 too often, not going #1 often enough) and then was instructed (by Dr) to switch to something different and it worked out fine (one #2's per day, lots of #1). 

    I'd say as they get older and start eating foods and their digestive track get stronger it probably won't be such a big deal to mix brands but in the early stages I'd stick to one kind that works well.