Breastfeeding Help

  • With my first child, I had trouble breastfeeding and would ilke to try again with my second (Due end of March 2014).  I was only able to breast feed for roughly 8 weeks (my milk supply completely depleted when I went back to work, but I don't think that I was pumping enough) and I would like to breastfeed for longer this time.  Any suggestions on books to read, classes to attend, or tricks that helped you...I also would like thoughts on the best breastpump as I will return to work again at roughly 8 weeks.  Thank so much!!

  • We believe your question can be best answered by a lactation consultant or your health care professional.

    You may also want to check out our Breastfeeding section Frequently Asked Questions: There are many tips and tools that can provide helpful advice on a variety of common feeding concerns. As with any issues your baby may be experiencing, we encourage you to talk to your health care professional or lactation consultant before making changes to your baby's nutrition routine.  -- Bonnie, Strongmoms Facilitator

  • I'd check out your hospital's line of classes! Many hospitals offer a breast feeding class - they are great to go to because you can ask all kinds of great questions about pumps, etc. Also, check out La Leche League - they are a great organization with support groups that you can attend in your community to learn more about breast feeding and get help from other mothers in the group!