solid for 6 month old baby

  • what kind of solids, juices i can give to my 6 month old baby and how i can get her to sleep. She gets fussy a lot while sleeping , plus can someone tell me the safest toys for 6 month old baby girl.

  • With both of my kiddies I start with cereal and instead of water I use juice to mix it. Usually apple prune because solids are constipating. After A few weeks on that I add another meal at night of a veggie like carrots or peas. one at a time incase of an allergic reaction, but with my first this system worked wonderfully and so far is with my second!

  • What I did with my first was intruduce the cereal with water and alittle juice.... I used juicy juice, but try to find juice that is 100% juice... Lets say she doesn't like the cereal the first time so stop and than reintruduce the next day and so on. they will start getting used to the cereal.... Than you will start adding on vegies... I started with peas because they are sweet vegie and more liky to like it... You will do that for a 3 to 4 days than intruduce them to the next vegie... I completed all vegies before starting him on fruit... do each vegie and fruit for 3 to 4 days because you will know if they get an allergy to that fruit or vegie....

    As far as toys go find the one that is specified for the age.... Most toys have age numbered on the packaging specified for safest toy for that age and what that age group may learn from the most, such as helping them with hand eye cordnation, or starting them on reconizing colors or numbers. Have fun with the toys its fun to watch them learn, they catch on so fast.....

  • Rice cereal is the best starter food for new babies. You can mix it with water, breast milk or formula. You can even mix it with a little bit of juice, but most babies seem to lie it mixed with formula best. Now is the time when you can start to introduce 2-4 oz of 100% fruit juice. Just stay away from the citrus juices because it will upset their little tummies. Try apple juice or prune juice if she gets a bit constipated after you begin solid foods. I always watered down my juices so they didn't get too used to the SWEET taste.

    As far as toys go...most 6 months old love those little mirror toys so they can see themselves in it. Soft activity books that they can manipulate are also great and so are activity boxes or centers that attach to the crib. This encourages eye and hand coordination.

    Stay away from toys that simply "entertain" your baby and don't require them to do anything. Now is the time when they should be interacting with the world, not just being entertained by it. Look for toys that have texture they can feel and fun objects they can rotate and manipulate.