Best Way To Clean Bottles...

  • Hello. Im a first time mom and my daughter is now almost 4 months old. I am currently breastfeeding and also supplementing with formula at times when she is a daycare. I am just curious as to the best way to clean her bottles and nipples. I have been using the dishwasher and  I have a basket for the nipples and bottle accessories. At times there are slight white spots on them so I dont know if I should change the degerent Im using ( which is a powder) or clean them a new way... Any advice and help will be greatly appreicated Smile

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      mine is also 4 mnts.. I am also bfing and supplimenting once a day at night time so that she may sleep well.... Well till now i have been washing her bottles with bottle brush with normal liquid soap in hot water.. I never used warm its very hot to the uppper point that i can touch, and sterilized 'em every night. But now she is grown upso I dont sterilize but i make sure i wash the bottles and nipple right away or as soon as possible. I also had the problem of those spots but washing right away helped me with that issue.. Oh ya I use pamolive liquid..

  • The best way is hot soapy water with a bottle brush you can pick up a bottle brush at almost any store. Rinse and let air dry. Also you can get a big "stock" pot get it to a rapid boil and boil the bottles, nipples and rings for 5 mins then turn off let cool. You don't have to boil all the time once a month or so should be good. I found that hot soapy water and rinsing worked better than the dishwasher. It might be the kind of soap you use in the dishwasher.

    Good Luck :)


  • I was not happy with the film the dishwasher left on the bottles either, so we began hand washing with dish soap and brushes. I feel this keeps them cleaner, but it's obviously more time consuming. Every once in a while, I boil all my bottles and accessories for peace of mind, although I feel confident the dish soap does the job.

    Hope this helps!

  • Hi, My daughter is 6 weeks old and this my 2nd baby.  Soap and water works fine, but you can also trying using these new microwavable bags you can by them at any baby store.  You basically dump the nipples and any other bottle accessories into the bag with 3-4 oz of water.  Depending on the wattage of your microwave it could be 2-3 mins.  The bags could be a little pricey but each bag can be used up to 20 times so they are worth it.

    It was easy and safe...hope this helps.


  • I was also boiling them in water in a pot on the stove every time she used them. It became a big hassle and also when the bottles would dry the steam would leave a powdery film on the bottles. So I started putting them in the dishwasher.  But then this too was a hassle because when I needed a bottle they were all in the dishwasher! So now I just use soap and hot water to wash them. I think it does well and it's easier to find a dirty bottle and clean it in the sink with soap and hot water than boiling or dishwashing and having to wait for it to be finished.

  • We also use the microwave bags at times, but I have become paranoid that the plastic will not be healthy once they have been in the microwave. It's probably unfounded, but I have shied away from them nonetheless.

  • I use dishwasher to wash the bottles. I verified with my doctor if I can use the dishwashing liquid because it contains bleach. She recommended I run the dishwashing cycle twice to clean out any residue.  It saves so much time for me to spend with my kids.

  • These are FANTASTIC!!! I have 5 kids- and these are BY FAR one of my favorite "gadgets" for moms! It is so quick and easy- at a time when nothing seems to be quick and easy!! Lol! Just throw the stuff in the bag, add some water and give it a whirr in the microwave for 2 -3 minutes- VIOLA! Your DONE! TA- DA!  : ) You get a couple of bags for 5.99 at walmart- and each bag can be used 20+ times! I'm telling you- they are THE BEST!!!!!

  • I'm a first time mom as well.  I use warm soapy water and a bottle brush.  At the end of the day I put them in a steamer to sterilize.  Similar to the microwaveable bags, but electric.  Works great and saves the time/effort of boiling.

  • hi I am a 3 time mom. for all my kids i rinse the bottles out with hot water to remove any milk residue to prevent having to scrub extra hard when cleaning the bottles, then i  sit them aside because i don't wash them everyday but every couple of days.  I have always washed the bottles with soapy hot water using a bottle brush.  then i boil them for about 5 minutes to sterilize them. i do the boiling step until the kids were about 9 months old, after that i just wash in hot soapy water.