7 Week Old Feedings

  • Good evening - my wife and I tonight gave our 7 week old Olivia her first feeding of 6oz of formula. She had been going 4 hours consistantly at 5-5.5oz and she began to go to 3 or 3.5 hours and seemed hungry after she finished. Is 6oz ok for a 7 week old? On 1/5 she was 10lbs. 2oz and I am sure she is darn close to 12lbs by now.
  • That is fine as long as she isn't spitting up excessively and she acts comfortable with it. She will push the nipple away if she isn't still hungry. To get a general idea of how much formula she should take in a day you can multiply her weight in lbs by 2. You can then divide that by the number of feedings per day to get the average amount of formula per feeding. This is JUST AN AVERAGE, but might help you out some.

  • Always remember you're child is one of the best  judges, they'll let you know if they're still hungry pretty well. Sometimes they just want to play with the bottle or arent really hungry, but if they are eating it up I worry less about it than the opposite story. I would have been more concerned if my daughter wasn't eating as much as she was early on. To this day she still eats like a monster, but thankfully she runs around like one too =D so it evens out.