Nursing and Formula Feeding

  • A little bit of background…My baby girl is almost 6 weeks old, and I am breastfeeding.  At her first doctor’s visit (4 days old) her pediatrician had me begin supplementing 2 oz. of formula (Similac Advance with EarlyShield) at each feeding to ensure proper weight gain.  As my milk supply came in I began to decrease the formula.  She has been off of the formula for about a week and a half, but I need to start her on it again….


    Beginning mid-August my mom will be watching her for me as I complete my teaching internship (approximately 7-8 hours a day).   I plan to breastfeed when I am with my daughter (mornings, evenings, and overnight), but she will be formula fed while she is with my mom during the day.


    I have three more weeks at home with her, so I would like to get her (and my body) familiar with this new arrangement. 


    I think that I will reintroduce a bottle after nursing, and gradually decrease daytime nursing while increasing the amount of formula that she will receive-but any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Shiould I continue to feed on demand?


    What has been your experience with nursing and formula feeding?

    Thank you!


  • Response to TeacherSarah:

    My little girl is almost 2 mo. now, and her doctor also suggested I supplement with formula for weight gain. Unfortunately for us, my milk supply was very low and pumping wasn't working either. For your particular situation, I would definately still feed on demand. Even if you are doing half breast and half formula, you don't want your body to think it doesn't need to replenish your supply. So I would think a happy balance between nursing and pumping should do the trick. Were you planning to pump while working? Many insurance companies cover a 3 month rental, if you were interested.

  • Thank you for your response.  I am going to call my insurance company TODAY to inquire on pump rental reimbursement.  I do want to pump while I work-I have a manual pump (not right for me) but pump rentals in my area are about $55 a month plus a one time fee of $45 for parts.  My husband and I have been weighing getting a used pump because by the time you rent the machine for a few months you could have paid for one used!  Unfortunately my insurance company does not cover the breast pump rental (go figure)- I just got off the phone with member services.  I think that I will pursue purchasing an electric pump though.  Have you used one before?  

  • My daughter is 6 months old and I have been breastfeeding and supplementing formula for about 2 months now. She has taken to the formula very well the pump I use is a Medela double electric pump in style. It cost $280 but has been very worth it. It only takes me about 10 minutes to pump!

  • I would definitely recommend pumping during the day a bit while you are at work to keep your milk supply up. You can then freeze the breast milk in bags in the freezer to give your mom when you are at work. This frozen breast milk, combined with the formula will give her excellent nutrition while still keeping up your milk supply. Often times, when mommies go back to work, their milk supply dips a little bit because of the stress, the infrequent pumping etc...You will definitely need formula as well to fill in the gaps.

    Your little one should do just fine taking both the bottle and nursing....most babies do. As far as used pumps go, I used a used pump (it was my friends) and I never had a single bit of trouble with it. You may even be able to find a used one online that has been barely used. Lots of moms by brand new breast pumps only to find out that--- for whatever reason--- they simply can't nurse their babies past a month or two. Just be sure to clean it thoroughly before hand and NEVER use someone else's tubing or supplies!


    Good luck!

  • I am a first time mom and I found out through my sister who do medical billing for a Woman's Clinic, that brest pumps are covered under medical equiprment. I got the latest Pump In Style last September it cost over $300 when billed to insurance but was free to me since my husband had similar coverage... (each) insurance paying for 80%. So I recommend calling to see if buy a pump would be more cost effective.

  • I breastfed and formula fed from the beginning. I really didnt have a schedule, I just did whatever was the most convenient at the time. Then it gradually got to just breastfeeding at night. It worked out fine and she took to both no matter what time of day it was. I think if you're doing each, no matter how many types of which, each day she will probably be ok. But when I stopped breastfeeding consistently at night eventually she didn't even want to breastfeed anymore. She must have been off it for too many days.