nursing and bottles

  • I was wondering if anyone had suggestions ....I am currently breastfeeding my five month old son and I would like to ween him to a bottle.  I am going to sign him up for daycare in sept. because of my school schedule.  I have tried different types of bottles and nipples but he just keeps on pushing it out with his tongue.  I also have had other family members try to feed him and nothing has worked.  I only have a couple more weeks before school starts and I don't know what to do.

  • I had the same problem with my third child. He hated the bottle. I found a bottle that looked similar to my breast and filled it with warmed breastmilk. Then I let Dad feed him the bottle while I was out of sight. At first he cried and didn't take a lot, but I kept this going every night until FINALLY, he would take a whole feeding.

    It was very frustrating, but he did finally give in and take a bottle. Now he takes bottles just fine. Keep it up and stay consistent. Attempt to feed him at least once a day with the bottle until you have to go back to work. Some babies are unbelievably stubborn!

    Good Luck

  • I currently breastfeed and use similac advance easy shield formula. there are new bottles called Breastflow. you can get them from target or Baby r us and they are really good. she latches on to me and she dranks from the bottle. so they are wonderful