Breastfeeding and formula

  • My son is almost three months old and has been eating both breastmilk and formula at each feeding. When I try to do just breastmilk, he gets really upset and will cry until he gets the formula. I am producing between 2.5 to 3.5 oz of milk. Should I just try breastfeeding him and hope that I start producing more or what? Thank you in advance.

  • I am sorry that you are having so much trouble giving him breastmilk. Unfortunately, there may be many reasons why he dislikes the breastmilk. Are you breastfeeding or giving him breastmilk in a bottle? In any case, I would talk with your pediatrician and get his advice. Once you have ruled out any medical issues or problems with your milk, you can then try and work through the breastfeeding issues . Your pediatrician should be the first person you talk to. Good luck and let us know how it goes..

  • First of all Great Job on breastfeeding your son!  It is a very selfless and loving way to show your baby how much you care.  I have 4 girls and breastfed them all until they were a year old and are currently breastfeeding my 4 month old.  I think first you  need to talk to a lactation consultant.  They have free groups all over and at the hospital that you delivered at.  You can still call and talk to them.   They will weigh your little boy every week and can answer easy questions like this.  Your son likes your milk and you are producing a good amount.  I think you are doing a great job.  I would google some lactation classes in your area.  The class is other moms breastfeeding or doing both like you and they get together for a little mommy time.  Questions are answered and help is given if needed.  You weigh your baby and see how on schedule their growth is.  I love it b/c I can weigh and measure the baby everyweek and talk to other mom's about mommy issues.  Goodluck you sound like a really good mommySmile

  • If he likes his routine of breastmilk and formula, then stick with it. As long as he is growing appropriately, then I wouldn't worry about it. Continue pumping to keep up your milk supply and store it. It sounds like you still want to breastfeed, and I can't see why you shouldn't be able to. He is used to the taste of both the breastmilk and the formula and it appears as though he doesn't want any alterations in the routine.  I don't think he dislikes your breastmilk because he has been drinking it with his feedings. As long as he's eating enough, be happy!

  • Hello PediNurse!!! I am a first time mother(19yrs old) and I at first pumped lots of milk to the point that my son's docter told me i could give him strictly breastmilk. The whole month of sept. I pumped breastmilk and at the end of sept l noticed that my breastmilk supply was low and i wasnt pumping as much milk as at first(and keep in mind i work partime and theres no break to pump) i started him on formula just until i can get my breastmilk storage you have any advice for me??? other then i should start pumping more like every 2 to 3hrs...