• is anyone on whos baby is on alimentum

  • My babies were not on Alimentum, but as a NICU nurse, I dealt with Alimentum on a regular basis. Do you have any questions or are you just looking to connect with other moms who are in a similar position? Welcome to the Strong Moms site!!

  • My little boy is on Alimentum

  • my baby is on alimentum

  • Mine as well... our daughter spit up a lot and a Gastro-intestinal doctor recommended it. She has since been cleared of milk allergy by an allergist, but we still use it anyway, as it is partially paid for by our insurance. If you get a prescription, your insurance company may accept it and cover some of the costs.

  • Mine too was just switched to this by the doctor and I am currently looking into the insurance coverage for this.
  • My 4 1/2 month old little girl is on it. Why are you asking

  • i just started my 7 week old on alimentum a couple of days ago.... so far so good :)

    i tried 3 other formulas and none worked!!!

  • Which insurance do you have? What did you have to do to get insurance to cover it?

  • My baby is also on the Alimentum formula. She does very well on this one.  My Dr recommended that when I stopped breastfeeding that I go straight to the Alimentum due to my daughters problems processing dairy proteins. I tried the soy formulas first which when terribly for her. No problems since using the Alimentum.