Breast feeding problems

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    I breast feed my 14 days old baby 8-10 times for almost 15 min on each side. But I still have to supplement him with formula. How much time does the baby normally breast feed on each side? Because sometimes I nurse him for 5 min, then he falls asleep. Again I  nurse him and this goes on for 1 hour or so & he gets tired & I get tired & then ultimately I have to supplement with formula. Does this mean that I am not getting enough milk? How much time should I nurse him on each side & then give formula if necessary?

  • My 13 month old was doing the same thing at that age and I ended up having to put her on formula only but it was because she was a month early and my milk wasnt coming in fast enough...Although everyone is different but if hes eating from the breast and a supplement than you may want to try pumping your milk just to get an idea on how milk you are producing..I nursed my 1st daughter til she was a year thou and I did nurse about 15 mins on each side also then she fell asleep...But I would try to pump your milk and give that to him if you both are warn out and then as I said you will know and can keep track of how much hes getting...

  • It is recommended that you nurse every 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours for the first month (and often even after that). If your milk is in, which it should be if your baby is 14 days old, then offer your baby one breast and let him finish that breast before offering the other. Then alternate the breast your start with for the next feeding. The reason you do this is to make sure that he gets all of the high-fat calorie-rich hindmilk that comes out after several minutes of nursing.

    In terms of supplementing, it will not help your milk supply at all to do so. If you want to exclusively breastfeed, then you should try not to supplement. Sometimes your baby may be fussing like he is hungry because he wants to nurse for comfort. This is totally normal with breastfeed babies and even bottlefed babies. If he is gaining weight, wetting a diaper with each feeding, and having good poopie diapers then he is getting enough milk.

    If you do want to supplement, you can nurse and then pump while he is being given formula. You would be doing this to give your body the extra stimulation to make more milk.

    Also, it is totally normal for your baby to fall asleep while nursing and for you to be worn out. You just grew and birthed a human! Your body needs lots of fluids (water, juice, milk) and as much sleep as you can get. This will help both your milk supply and your peace of mind. As for your baby falling asleep, the breast is just a cozy place to be. Stimulate him as much as you can, but just offer the breast to him frequently if he tends to doze off.

    I hope this helps some! I know I say this a lot on here, but if you are having any trouble at all breastfeeding, call your lactation consultant asap. They will have tons of useful advice.

  • Hi. How long did you breast feed your second baby? My son came a month early and at the beging my milk will come easy. Now I'll be lucky if I get 2 oz.

  • jessicalopez - have you noticed any other changes recently? It may be a result of diet, or lack of sufficient stimulation for producing milk at the level you first were. It may also be the result of a blockage in the milk ducts - for instance my daughter developed Thrush as an infant, which in turn led to an infection that plugged some of my wife's milk ducts. If you notice anything unordinary about your breasts, especially when feeding, you should consider seeing a doctor right away.

  • Thanks a lot everyone for your replies. Now my situation is improving.. but sometimes my left breast & back (left side of the spinal cord) hurts a little during nursing & many times after that. I dont think its engorgement as my breasts are quite soft. Even the left nipple is little pink & sore & it hurts even afterwards when I am not nursing. My OB ruled out the possibility of any kind of infection. But I dread nursing on the left side due to pain. Please help

  • I have a 6 week old, this is my 4th baby and my husbands 1st.  I nursed my others until they were 2 but my husband was worried that the baby wasn't getting enough milk so we started giving him formula also.  He was just always nursing... this is also the first child i have had since my implants.  Now he seems to get impatient when i nurse and it takes a long time for my milk to let down then when it does it doesn't seem to be  very much.  I really want to continue to nurse... any advise on what i should do? 

  • Klancaster, I have heard breast implants can impede nursing. If you really want to nurse try contacting a lactation consultant (the hospital where you had your baby ought to have one, if not several) who may be able to help you produce more milk.

  • I had this happen to me.  I started using the lanolin nipple cream that is safe for you and for your baby.  It helped us both.  My nipple improved and my daughter doesn't have dry lips now.

  • I nursed my daughter for 18 months and the left breast was never painless. I had something that the LC called a "bleb". It was a tiny white spot that milk could not come from. The left side would often become clogged and painful. I also had the back pain you refer to. She had me put a needle through it to try to relieve the pressure. It was horribly painful and didn't help at all. I eventually nursed primarily on the right side. The right side made tons of milk and didn't hurt. I looked a little lopsided, but it was worth it not to be in pain.

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    maybe try pumping to see how much you are producing

  • I was having the same problem.  My LC said no more than 20 minutes on each side and then to pump afterwards to completly empty my breasts.  This leaves you with milk to supplement with instead of having to use formula.  I also tried burping between each breast.  This always seemed to wake him up for the next breast and then we he started to fall asleep, I would gently pull under his bottom lip and he would start sucking again.  I would wait until he just let go and considered him full at that point.  Hope this helps.