My baby

  • Does anyone know which brand of similac formula will help my baby with his digestion. Since switching him from breast to formula he has been having a hard time pooping.

  • i started to use the similac sensitive and it helped my son with his digestion

  • i dont kno if u got the message i sent  u but i started to use the similac sensitive its in a orange can and it helped my son a lot

  • I'm not sure how long it's been since you transitioned but I do remember when we switched my daughter her poop changed too. From what I understand it's not uncommon as their stomachs adjust to the new food, though it shouldn't take too long for them to become "normal" again. It may also help to pump and mix up a few bottles of "half and half" - half breast milk and half formula to make transitioning easier for your baby, we did this with our daughter and she seemed to have no problems with the formula when we finally started using it by itself.

  • Strongdad has some great points. I totally agree about transitioning slowly and giving him enough time to adjust.

    You might speak with your pediatrician about which formula he/she prefers as well. You can also call the StrongMoms number and speak with them about each formula. They are so helpful!