Breastfeeding to Bottlefeeding!

  • So this is very hard for me, and apparently very hard for other family members. My 4 month old son will NOT NOT NOT take a bottle no matter what I try. I've tried many different bottles and nipples. My sister is the one that watches him now that I am back to work. She says that he gets really hungry around 11:30 and will not take a bottle. So when I get home for lunch at 12:15 I just breastfeed him. And he will wait till 3:30 till I get home to eat again. My sister has tried everything to feed him with a bottle. I keep getting different things from people saying that I should try feeding him with a bottle so that it doesnt seem like they are trying to torture him. But then I hear that other people should try feeding him with a bottle while I am in the other room. I'm just not sure what to do anymore! I just wish I didnt have to work and stay home with my baby!

  • Are you bottle feeding with formula or breast-milk? Make sure the temperature of the milk is just right. Perhaps that could be one reason your baby is refusing the bottle. Also, try not to be in the room when your baby is being given the bottle because this can lead to confusion and frustration. Perhaps your baby is in an uncomfortable position while being bottle-fed, so have the feeder try different positions. I find that putting the baby in a bouncer in front of the tv and holding the bottle beside him/her works well because of the distraction. Your baby will eventually take the bottle, but you have to make sure that you put a persistent effort and not give up. Continue to have the bottle introduced and your baby will eventually catch on. If your baby wants to wait to eat until you breast-feed, then that's fine as long as your baby is gaining weight. Make sure to keep an eye on growth during the next pediatrician visit.
  • I know what my wife went through when she went back to work, but she couldn't come home in the middle of the day. Our daughter adapted pretty well, as all babies will do when they are hungry enough. A pediatrician would know the safest way to make this transition, so if you get desperate and can't wait until your next well visit, give your Doc a call.

  • I agree with both PediNurse and AnswerDad on this one. The only other thing I would try is to change the type of bottle and nipple you are using. My third child hated a bottle but I finally found one that he liked and eventually he got used to my husband feeding him when I was away...but I know how frustrating it is. Find a nipple that looks a lot like your breast and has a wide base. This can help make your baby with the transition. Try each bottle out for a week before switching to another one. Hope this helps.

  • i had this problem with my daughter til this day. She refuses to take a bottle or eat from anyone else. When i would be away i would tell them to mix the milk with baby cereal and fed it to her from a spoon. That was the only way she would take in any milk. Its a very hard thing to deal with and very fustrating but it will pass.

  • I wouldn't recommend feeding your infant cereal. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, solid foods should not be introduced until between 4 and 6 months of age. Check with your pediatrician if you are still having difficulty feeding your baby from a bottle. He or she may have some suggestions and she may want to check the baby to be sure he is gaining the right amount of weight.