Night-time Feedings

  • I bottle feed my baby and she always falls asleep during her night feedings. I want her to finish the bottle because I know she is hungry but don't want to stimulate her so much that she is awake for hours after the feeding. If she does not finish the bottle she will wake up an hour later hungry again. Any suggestions...

  • I had a similar issues with my babies, and if they fell asleep, I'd always have to stimulate them enough to eat multiple times during night feedings. I know it sounds like a hassle, but if your baby seems so tired during the feeding, she should go back to sleep relatively easily. Otherwise, as you see her start to doze off, rub her a little and talk to her, just enough to wake her up to finish. It also helps to move the nipple in her mouth, like a reminder that the bottle is still there and that she needs to eat. Hope my advice helps, all I can say is that I used these techniques with my babies, and they worked like a charm, and after the bottle was done, they were sleepy enough to go to bed. Good Luck!

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  • I always changed my baby's diaper in the middle of the feeding. This way, you wake them up a bit and give them a fresh diaper. The best part is that they then get to finish their feeding and go to bed asleep and FULL!!! This worked like a charm....just make sure that you change the diaper in a darkened (dimly lit) room and not a bright one. I used a little nightlight next to the changing table. Now they make diaperwipes warmers with built in night lights...these are great at giving you just enough light to see, but not enought to totally stimulate the baby.

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  • I agree that changing your baby's diaper is a great way to wake her up. Try changing positions during her nighttime feeding to stimulate her without fully waking her. Flicking the bottom of her feet can also wake her enough to feed. Hope this helps!
  • The diaper change is brilliant, and always worked for us.

  • i never really had this problem when i feed my daughter during the night and she falls to sleep when i try to pull the bottle out her mouth she will start to suck again if she is still hungry.  when she lets me take the bottle then i know she has had enough.  she has her daddy's appetite and will not let a meal pass her by, LOL.